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RAE Systems MultiRAE Pro Portable Multi-Threat Monitor Widely Adopted by Major U.S. Government Agencies Including EPA

Advanced, Real-Time, Wireless Remote Monitoring Capabilities from the Incident Zone Serves As Key Factor in Selection of MultiRAE Over Competition San Jose, Calif. – January 22, 2013 – RAE Systems, a leading global provider of rapidly deployable, multi-sensor chemical and radiation detection networks for national security and industrial applications, today announced that its MultiRAE Pro portable multi-threat monitors have been adopted by both the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Emergency Response Team and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Urban Search and Rescue Task Force.The MultiRAE Pro was selected as part of their heightened efforts to enhance safety for emergency responders and surrounding communities when disasters strike.RAE Systems was awarded a five-year contract by the EPA for its MultiRAE Pro monitors following a stringent independent third-party validation test. The EPA is required to respond rapidly to environmental and hazardous materials incidents at multiple locations and the MultiRAE Pro will provide them with critical, real-time toxic gas and radiation threat data and man-down alarm status to enhance worker safety.The Federal Emergency Management Agency has also adopted the MultiRAE Pro monitor to its Urban Search and Rescue (US&R) equipment cache list because of its expanded real-time personal and point threat-detection capabilities. It will be integrated into the ProRAE Guardian Wireless Safety System for use in natural and manmade emergency response situations.“Both the EPA and FEMA US&R teams are tasked with responding rapidly to a variety of CBRNe and toxic gas threats at multiple locations simultaneously, making the delivery of real-time situational threat data and alarm status a critical safety component for reducing incident response times and saving lives,” stated Chris Toney, Chief Operating Officer of RAE Systems. “RAE Systems has led the way in wireless gas detection for more than a decade, and is proud that both agencies have adopted the MultiRAE Pro to elevate safety for emergency response teams and the people that they protect. This selection further extends the company’s leadership in delivering the most advanced wireless gas and radiation detection solutions for anytime, anyw HERE access to toxic and combustible gases, and radiation detection information to increase safety of national defense teams, emergency responders and the public.” Six Threats, One InstrumentThe MultiRAE Pro Portable Multi-Threat Monitor can be easily configured to detect and monitor more than 300 volatile organic compounds (VOCs), gamma radiation, 55 combustible gases and vapors, and 25 specific toxic gases – up to six threats at a time – all in a single, highly versatile monitor.MultiRAE monitors provide both personal- and point-detection capabilities for a broad range of applications, including HazMat response, military, homeland security, and industrial safety and industrial hygiene.When deployed on RAE Systems ProRAE Guardian Wireless Safety Monitoring System, MultiRAE instruments use a five-way notification system for gas, radiation and man-down alarms to provide instantaneous and unmistakable on-scene alerts while warning safety officers at a remote command center. Learn More, See More
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