Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM) is a comprehensive integrated solution involving the application of various disciplines such as diagnostics and prognostics to detect intermittent faults and anomalies within complex vehicle systems.

Application of IVHM tools to automotive repair and maintenance use cases can reduce unnecessary repairs and costs by 50% while optimizing planned vehicle maintenance and logistics.

IVHM methods enable better management of individual vehicle and fleet health thanks to:

• The ability to fix faults before they actually occur.
• Improved vehicle utilization through better maintenance scheduling.
• Enhanced vehicle or fleet reliability through a more thorough understanding of the real-time health of the system and prognosis based maintenance.
• Reduced unnecessary and unscheduled maintenance.


1. Better methods for diagnosing issues save vehicle and fleet owners from expensive repairs or time wasted attempting to determine the root cause of interdependent vehicle system.

2. The vehicle or fleet owners benefit from repaired vehicles right the first time and faster through improved identification of systemic issues.

3. Predicting system or component failure reduces operational disruptions and improve vehicle or fleet readiness by up to 5-8%.



Health Ready Components-Unlocking the Potential of IVHM

Authors: S. Holland, T. Felke, L. Hernandez, R. Safa-Bakhsh, M. A. Wuensch at SAE 2016 World Congress, Detroit, MI, USA
Release date: April 12-14, 2016

Case Studies: Use of Big Data for Condition Monitoring

Authors: Raj Bharadwaj, Dinkar Mylaraswamy, Andrew Vechart (Honeywell), Marshall Smith (Clockwork Solutions Inc.), Peter Figliozzi (Blitztrade), Gautum Biswas (Vanderbilt University), Daniel Mack (Kansas City Royals) at HUMS2015, Melbourne, Australia
Release date: February 23-24, 2015

Wireless Sensor Units for HUMS Data Acquisition

Authors: Jan Beran, Robert Kalmar, Andrew Vechart (Honeywell) at AIAC16 Sixteenth Australian International Aerospace Congress, Melbourne, Australia
Release date: February 23-24, 2015
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