Honeywell’s award-winning OnRAMPTM Design and Calibration Suites using Linear and Non-Linear Model Predictive Control are being applied to reduce development and calibration time, improve vehicle fuel economy, reduce material costs and increase emissions robustness. We leverage our unique expertise in automotive, automation and aerospace to develop innovative solutions for our customers, the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

Controls Engineering is offered in the form of system models, software packages or services.

OnRAMP Design and Calibration Suites Video


The advanced controls toolset offers an intuitive and systematic methodology to:

• Build and identify physics-based dynamic engine models
• Design and tune an optimal control strategy for steady-state and transient operations
• Deploy real-time control onto prototyping or production hardware
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Proportioning with second-order information for model predictive control

Authors: O. Santin, M.Jarosova, V. Havlena, Z.Dostal within Optimization Methods and Software
Release date: September 29, 2016
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Design of OnRAMP Model Predictive Control for On-Engine and GT-Power Transient Validation

Authors: A. Vondrak, L. Lansky, L. Pohorelsky, J. Findejs at KOKA Conference 2016, Brno, CZ, September 5-6, 2016
Release date: September 5-6, 2016

Selection and Tuning of a Reduced Parameter Set for a Turbocharged Diesel Engine Model

Authors: R. Salehi, A. G. Stefanopoulou, D. Kihas, M. Uchanski at American Control Conference 2016, Boston, MA, USA
Release date: June 6-8, 2016
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