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Fifty Teachers From Around the World Attend Honeywell’s Green Boot Camp

Hands-on workshop in San Diego provided middle school educators with tools to teach energy, sustainability and environmental concepts

Last week, 50 middle school teachers from 13 countries attended the eighth annual Green Boot Camp in San Diego, California, a four-day interactive sustainability workshop that allows them to bring lessons on energy efficiency, sustainability and the environment back to their classrooms. With hands-on learning on topics ranging from renewable energy technologies to green building materials, Green Boot Camp is a scholarship program and part of Honeywell’s commitment to supporting science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education worldwide. 

This year, teachers built rain barrels at Escondido City Hall to donate to the city’s fire department, renovated the a nearby Escondido park and assembled compost boxes that will be handed out to local community members. Following the activities, teachers discussed how to apply the ideas and learning in their classrooms.

“Sustainability education offers an opportunity for educators to not only share insights in the classroom, but to inspire students to take those principles out into the real world and affect change,” said John Rajchert, president of Honeywell Building Solutions. “Honeywell Green Boot Camp arms teachers with the latest practices in renewable energy and technology innovations, so they can prepare students for the green jobs of the future.”

In addition to teachers from the United States and Canada, Honeywell welcomed educators from China, India, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Turkey, Indonesia, Vietnam, Romania, United Kingdom, Australia and the Philippines to this year’s workshop. 

“I have been a math teacher for 19 years, so this experience will help me in the fall when I start teaching science to alternative students. With Green Boot Camp, I’ve learned new creative ways to teach to students who struggle with traditional learning,” said Larry Brock, Talawanda Middle School teacher and Green Boot Camp attendee. “It was an amazing learning experience, even the challenges given to us like the solar car. I was motivated to work through the obstacles with my project team, which really bonded us.” 

Green Boot Camp is made possible by a grant from Honeywell Hometown Solutions, Honeywell’s corporate citizenship initiative.