Integrated Healthcare at Fiona Stanley Hospital | Honeywell

Fiona Stanley Hospital is one of the leading healthcare facilities in Australia. Honeywell's highly integrated technologies work behind the scenes at Fiona Stanley Hospital promoting operational efficiency, reducing operating costs and enhancing the patient experience.

In Perth, Western Australia, Fiona Stanley Hospital delivers outstanding healthcare to thousands of people every week. It’s the largest building infrastructure project ever undertaken by the WA government. And behind the scenes Honeywell’s high tech software platforms and instrumentation form the invisible framework that keeps the hospital running. The 2 billion dollar hospital is located on a campus the size of 4 city blocks, and it’s one of the most advanced public hospitals in Australia, benefiting from the latest scientific, technological and medical developments. 

The sheer size and complexity of Fiona Stanley Hospital brought multiple contractors and stakeholders together to collaborate throughout commissioning, construction and operation.

Campus wide integration gives staff the ability to monitor and manage the facility, with an enterprise wide view of operations, including centralized event and alarm management and access to real time information, which is vital for fast, informed decision making.

Each day Fiona Stanley Hospital will have 3000 staff and about 2000 visitors only inside, reinforcing the need for fast and efficient response at this major public hospital.

Visitors, staff and patients at Fiona Stanley Hospital will likely never know the extent to which Honeywell works behind the scenes to help keep this advanced public hospital running efficiently.