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Healthier Buildings for Your Workforce

Digital transformation elevates your strategy for reopening the workplace and prepares your building for the future

The New Business as Usual

You kept your workforce safe by asking them to work from home. Now, you’re asking employees to return, but alternating schedules and ensuring adequate space requirements to bring a hybrid workforce back to the office. This is creating new complexities when trying to maintain efficient, sustainable operations in these new environments. Intelligent spaces are essential to provide building operators with new strategies prioritizing the health of our communities, the environment and your business. Smart buildings are challenged to become healthier buildings with:

Frictionless Access

Temperature Scanners

Air Quality Management

Capacity Alerts & Traceability

Remote Operations

Functionality offered by Sine subsidiary of Honeywell

The world has shifted. Expectations haven’t. With our Reopening the Workplace Checklist, organizations can reduce uncertainty and build confidence as they lead their teams back to work – in a safer environment.

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