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HVAC systems are the biggest consumer of energy in commercial facilities. Manual or scheduled set-point adjustment strategies simply can’t account for the complexity of a building’s dynamic occupancy and weather conditions – while maintaining comfort levels.  

Learn how Honeywell Forge uses  AI to  reduce HVAC energy costs by 10-20%*. Autonomously optimize energy consumption and comfort while reducing carbon footprint. 


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Honeywell Forge   

What’s hiding in your data? Honeywell Forge is an Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) tool that collects data from building systems, unifies it in a single cloud and analyzes it to improve building performance, drive OPEX and CAPEX savings and enable strategic business decisions.

*Based on findings from implementations of Honeywell Forge Energy Optimization at various customer sites over a 6+ month timeline. Depending on equipment type, typical customers achieved an average of 10-20% savings after 3 months of deploying Honeywell Forge Energy Optimization. Results may vary. Past performance is not indicative of future results and Honeywell does not guarantee associated energy savings.