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Work colleagues chatting
Work colleagues chatting

Reclaim Your Workplace Fun

Give your employees peace of mind with better access control, safety and asset protection



Welcome employees back with Sine, for a streamlined workplace. When they’re assured of effective screening protocols in the workplace – they can relax and reclaim some workplace fun. From access control to external watchlists, Sine connects your tools and automates your processes to eradicate manual data entry and minimize repetitive tasks. Use Sine’s out-of-the-box web tool to get started or leverage Sine’s native integrations.

All of Your Tools, Working Seamlessly Together


Prescreening questions prior to entry for employees, visitors, and contractors. 

Contactless Check-In

Use Sine Pro mobile app and an iPad for check-in. Scan a Fast Track QR code from a Sine invite plus thermal screening. Integrate temperature checks from the thermal cameras into the Sine check-in flow.

Monitor Density

 Set and keep track of density/occupancy levels across your operations and portfolio. Contact tracing for all visitors, staff, and workers.

One App Across All Locations

 Acts as a passport to ease entry across multiple locations.

*Functionality offered by Sine, a subsidiary of Honeywell.



Safeguard Employees and Visitors at the Workplace

With simple steps, your employees and visitors alike can enjoy easy, efficient and effective screening.


Future State of Workplace Management Guide

As organizations return to the office, workplace management is taking on a new meaning and increased importance.

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Create the ideal tenant and visitor management experience



How QR Codes Can “Speedway” Vaccines

Visit the charming, tech-forward hub of Adelaide, Australia and meet the Sine team who helped vaccinate 65,000 people – within just a few days.

Enhanced Occupant Security


Flag when a watch-listed visitor has checked-in and notify an approved staff watcher of the visitors’ arrival.

 Photo ID Capture

Capture your visitor’s photo ID via the Sine Point Pro iPad app to ensure clear identification at your site.

Face Check

Add facial recognition details to make check-out and subsequent check-ins faster and more secure.


Industrial grade contractor and worker management 

*Functionality offered by Sine, a subsidiary of Honeywell.

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