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    Bringing 5G to the IIoT

    Bringing 5G to the IIoT

    5G wireless is coming. And, it's opening a world of possibilities for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

    To capitalize on higher speeds and capacity, Honeywell joined Ericsson and Intel Corporation in the launch of a new open industry initiative designed to explore, test and innovate with 5G wireless network and distributed edge technology.

    One of the first areas of focus for the new 5G Innovators Initiative involves applying the network technology to the Industrial Internet of Things and cloud services applications.The opportunities to apply the 5G technology could include supply chain optimization, first responder drones, surveillance for hazardous environments and maintenance of industrial assets and factory floor employee training.

    “The ability to move large amounts of data across mobile networks is critical to realizing the promise of the Internet of Things,” said Suresh Venkatarayalu, chief technology officer, Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions.

    The collaboration with major equipment manufacturers, leading technology companies, and top universities will develop pilot projects focused on applying technologies, such as virtual and augmented reality. The initiative will create step-by-step blueprints of the network, cloud and connectivity requirements &endash; from speed and responsiveness, to security and analytics &endash; needed to address unique IIoT market needs.

    “5G is not simply about making smart phones faster,” said Asha Keddy, vice president, Communications and Devices Group, and general manager of next generation standards at Intel. “It's about the machines and things that will deliver an entirely new smart and connected future.”

    Other participants in the 5G initiative include GE and the University of California - Berkeley.

    “The 5G technology will be a key enabler as we continue to develop and deploy new connected solutions to improve worker productivity, safety and asset performance across our customers' global supply chains,” said Venkatarayalu. “It will help us bring to market new IoT solutions for aircraft, buildings, homes, industrial plants, logistics providers, manufacturers and retailers.”

    Eric Krantz

    Safety and Productivity Solutions