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    The Next Phase of Digital Revolution

    The Next Phase of Digital Revolution

    What does it take for a company to build on a rich history of manufacturing products to become a fully digital brand? 

    Recently, Human Resources Executive Online's article; "Rebranding in a Digital Age" focused on Honeywell's transformation to a software-industrial company during the digital age. A strong capability in software, along with a deep domain knowledge of physical products adds up to a position to excel.


    How the Digital and Physical Connect

    By leveraging an understanding of how the digital and the physical connect, we can create a better physical output for customers. More than half of our 23,000 engineers globally are developing software to augment an extensive technology portfolio which includes the world's most advanced cockpits, jet engines, auxiliary power units, and turbochargers; technologies for connected homes and buildings; refining and petrochemicals process technologies and controls; mobile computing, voice-automated systems and personal protective equipment for connected workers.


    With that goal in mind, Honeywell recently leased 62,000-square feet in Midtown Atlanta's 715 Peachtree building to house its state-of-the-art Software Center and Home and Building Technologies (HBT) global headquarters. The plan is to invest $19 million in the site and staff it with more than 730 full-time product software engineers and approximately 100 HBT employees over the next five years. The engineers will work on critical software and digital products as part of the company's connected technologies for homes, buildings, industrial plants, workers, automobiles and aircraft.


    Over the next five years, Honeywell has several software developer opportunities at all skill levels available in the areas of cloud platform, web applications, web delivered/enabled/centric applications, and embedded software and is focused on bringing together like-minded, innovative top-notch software developers to work collaboratively from inception through product launch as they produce state-of-the-art, world changing products.


    From Human Resources Executive Online, "The truth is that more than half of our sales are in software," says Mark James, Honeywell's senior vice president of HR, procurement and communications, noting that the plan is to focus on the brand's tech savvy and making the work environment more appealing to sought-after tech talent.



    Rob Ferris

    Corporate and Financial Media Relations