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    These Are the Coziest US Cities

    These Are the Coziest US Cities

    Why suffer when you can seek out a locale that's more comfortable

    Hot chocolate? A comfy chair? A warm fireplace? If you're looking to take a trip or relocate to someplace you can feel right at home, a new report is here to help. 


    For the fourth year in a row, Honeywell Heaters worked with environmental scientist Dr. Ted Myatt to find the coziest cities. Among the measures considered were proximity to ski resorts and urban centers, high number of tiny homes, specialty stores per capita, including coffee shops, bakeries, bed and breakfasts and independent grocers.


    If you're a comfort-seeker, you might consider booking a trip to Boston, MA. The site of the country's largest historic tea party scores high on all of the measures.


    Here's this year's top ten:

    1. Boston

    2. San Francisco

    3. Seattle

    4. Albany, N.Y.

    5. Portland, Ore.

    6. Rochester, N.Y.

    7. Minneapolis

    8. Sacramento, Calif.

    9. Denver

    10. Salt Lake City


    See the full details on how these cities were selected here. And check out our take on hygge for more on the latest trend in comfort.



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