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    Fast, Reliable Wi-Fi -- it's the Only Way to Fly

    Fast, Reliable Wi-Fi -- it's the Only Way to Fly

    A busy manager downloads a big presentation from corporate. A graduate student sends the latest draft of her dissertation out for review. A millennial huddles over all the latest Snapchat live stories. A honeymoon couple posts a selfie on their social page.

    Just one thing makes any of this unusual. They're all airplane passengers, buckled securely in their seats, flying comfortably over the ocean at 40,000 feet.

    The age of connectivity has finally taken flight. And not a moment too soon.

    Whether you're flying in an airliner or in the cabin of a modern, efficient business jet, you can experience the same reliable, high-speed Wi-Fi you get at home, in the office or at your neighborhood coffee shop. Thanks to Honeywell.

    The best way to stay connected is by flying on an airplane equipped with our latest JetWave satellite communications technology. Only Honeywell can connect you to Inmarsat's GX Aviation service on leading airlines and the Jet ConneX service for business aircraft.

    Business never stops with Honeywell's connected aircraft solutions. You can stay in constant touch with the home office, send emails, download huge files and even sign into online meetings from your laptop, tablet or smart device.

    When it's time to kick back, you can connect you to all kinds of entertainment options &endash; from movies via streaming video to the most popular online games. You can keep up with what's going on in the world by watching live news, weather and sports, and can connect with family and friends via your favorite social media app.

    The good news is that more and more airlines and business jet operators are installing Honeywell hardware, service and software connectivity solutions on their aircraft to provide passengers with the very best in Wi-Fi that Flies.

    With the rise in personal electronic devices, consumers expect reliable connectivity anywhere, including while in-flight. A recent Honeywell survey found that 60 percent of travelers say they would most likely feel disappointed or frustrated if they got on a plane that did not have in-flight Wi-Fi and 84 percent say it is important to have an experience identical to what they have at home or in the office.

    If you're lucky, your next flight will be on a fullyconnected aircraft with Honeywell onboard. If you're flying on a business jet,ask the cabin attendant if you're able to connect to the internet via JetConneX. If you're flying commercial, check the seat-back pocket for a GXAviation pamphlet with instructions on how to connect. You'll also see a logonear the aircraft door as you board the aircraft. If you're a true AV geek, you'll be able to identify if your plane has in-flight Wi-Fi by the hump or dome located on the top of the fuselage.

    Wherever you're going, we're here to help you enjoy the journey.

    Steve Brecken