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    Phones Stay Smart and Cool with Honeywell

    Phones Stay Smart and Cool with Honeywell

    Here are some tips to avoid overheating your phone

    Smartphones. They're everywhere. And as anyone who can't find their phone for a split second can tell you, they're essential. But as our phones process more and more data and apps, they run the risk of becoming too hot to handle—literally.

    Recent events in the smartphone industry have caused everyone to become increasingly more concerned with their phones overheating. Honeywell has a solution to help prevent phones and other electronic devices from overheating. The Thermal Interface Materials—or TIMs— is a suite of technologies that can be embedded within devices.

    They are designed to transfer thermal energy from phone chips to an area known as a “heat sink,” which gradually disperses the energy into the surrounding environment. This process ensures a continuous transfer of heat away from the chips, keeping them cool so that they can perform reliably during even the most data-intense situations.

    With the global smartphone market predicted to grow to more than 1.9 billion units by 2020, phone companies are focused on optimizing device performance in order to stay competitive in an increasingly saturated marketplace. The TIMs solution can be found in some of the most recognizable phone models in the world.

    “Honeywell's innovative TIM technology provides customers with the ideal solution to optimize their phones' performances,” said Olivier Biebuyck, vice president and general manager of Honeywell Electronic Materials. “As demand for smartphones grows around the world, these breakthrough designs help provide optimal user experience throughout the entire lifecycle of their devices.”

    Here are some tips to avoid overheating your phone:

    Josh Byerly

    Performance Materials and Technologies