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    If Superheroes Had Backpacks, This Would Be It

    If Superheroes Had Backpacks, This Would Be It

    When you are walking on crowded sidewalks, a constant worry is possibly protecting your bag. Thieves have become increasingly efficient at slashing and grabbing, possibly running away with valuable belongings like money, phone and identification.

    But what if a bag could be made with a fiber from Honeywell that is 15 times stronger than steel but light enough to float on water, making the bag slash proof and theft resistant? One company is doing exactly that.

    As seen on ABC's “ Shark Tank,” the Flak Sack from Loctote Industrial Bag Company is a cut-resistant backpack designed for travel and everyday use. Loctote has announced that a new version of the bag will be available that will be enhanced with Honeywell's Spectra® fiber‚ the same fiber technology used in bullet-resistant vests. Flack Sack's fabric utilizes Spectra in a unique fabric construction called FLAKnit' created by Tuff-N-Lite®, a division of Supreme Corp., a leading textile and fiber technology company.

    What makes Spectra so powerful? It provides one of the highest possible levels of slash-resistance in commercial and industrial fabrics, as determined by international standards.

    This technology can already be found in areas such as defense, where Spectra is used in bullet-resistant vests; manufacturing, where Spectra is used in industrial gloves and helmets; professional fishing, where Spectra is a favorite fishing line among anglers; and oil and gas applications, where Spectra outperforms steel rope.

    But as the Flak Sack demonstrates, there is also a place for Spectra in everyday use. Whether you are traveling, exercising or simply going about your life, you want anything you wear to stay in great condition for as long as possible, no matter what.

    This presents a significant opportunity for companies like Loctote and Supreme to experiment with materials that might have traditionally been used in more specialized applications and bring them to consumer applications.