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    Introducing: Honeywell Ventures

    Introducing: Honeywell Ventures

    The Head of Honeywell Ventures Murray Grainger explains why the investment fund was created

    After more than 100 years of innovation, Honeywell knows a thing or two about the next big thing.


    To leverage our global presence and capabilities, Honeywell Ventures will invest in early-stage, high-growth technology companies.


    Since joining Honeywell in 2004, Managing Director of Honeywell Ventures Murray Grainger has worked across many businesses and recently lead the integration of Intelligrated, a $1.5 billion acquisition.


    He shares a few insights about what to expect next from the new investment fund:


    Q What is Honeywell Ventures?

    A Honeywell Ventures will invest in partners that have technologies or business models that are strategically relevant or potentially disruptive to Honeywell’s ecosystem. Investing in these partners will add value to our existing portfolio of software and connected devices, provide more innovative solutions for our customers and strengthen our overall long-term growth profile.


    Q What are you looking for in partners to invest in?

    A Our partners must be able to add value to Honeywell through new and innovative ideas, critical insights and early access to new or disruptive technologies or intellectual property and by enhancing our culture of innovation and entrepreneurialism. We are also looking for partners where Honeywell can be a catalyst or accelerator to their growth through our global presence, access to our proven technologies, advanced manufacturing capabilities and our unrivalled installed base, customers and channels.


    Q In addition to an EMBA from Columbia University, you are also an engineer, how does engineering influence your decisions?

    A My engineering education was a great platform. I have been very fortunate in my career to have been given opportunities in areas such as corporate finance, strategy, marketing and general management and my engineering background has always provided me with the tools and process mindset necessary to approach these diverse roles. Especially within a technology company such as Honeywell, engineering provides a terrific springboard for growth into other areas and continues to be a lens through which I approach many business challenges and one which I will continue to lean on in my new role


    Q What do you think is going to be the next big thing in innovation?

    A While I may not be able to pinpoint the big innovation, I do know that data is going to continue to be Honeywell’s most valuable resource and the fuel for our innovation engine going forward. Whether the next big thing is artificial intelligence or unsupervised learning or natural language processing or something we haven’t even heard about yet, all of these require data (everything has to be connected) and our ability to capture this data to drive unique insights for our customers will determine how successful we will be in the future.



    Rob Ferris

    Corporate and Financial Media Relations