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    Now Open: Our New Plant in Louisiana

    Now Open: Our New Plant in Louisiana

    The facility manufacturers our next-generation auto air-conditioning refrigerant, Solstice® yf; cooling cars worldwide

    With summer around the corner, carmakers and drivers are preparing for hot weather. A new $300-million plant is now operating in Geismar, Louisiana, dedicated to producing the next-generation auto air-conditioning refrigerant, Solstice® yf.

    Used in a vehicle's A/C system, refrigerant has a major impact on its performance. For manufacturers, the choice of refrigerant determines how their vehicles meet environmental regulations such as fuel standards while providing optimal cooling for end users. For drivers, it's about being able to crank up the A/C on a hot day without worrying about running up gas costs or damaging the environment.


    Solstice yf satisfies everyone by performing just as well as HFC-134a and in some cases, even better than other refrigerants at much lower environmental impact. In fact, the most currently used auto refrigerant R-134a is being phased out across the globe because it has a global-warming potential (GWP) of 1300. R-134a is a hydrofluorcarbon (HFC), which many governments and industries have been looking at phasing out since the early 2000s. Solstice yf has a GWP of less than 1, which is lower than carbon dioxide and 99.9 percent lower than R-134a.


    Nearly every carmaker in the auto industry plans to use the refrigerant in at least one of their U.S. models. In addition, European carmakers have also selected Solstice yf as their next-generation A/C refrigerant of choice.



    The growing global demand for this award-winning invention, created by a team of Buffalo-based Honeywell scientists, demonstrates the U.S.'s leadership in sustainable technology. This is an exciting time for environmental science. In fact, the new Geismar facility will create hundreds of long-term, sustainable jobs for the local area and that's just the beginning.


    So when you're on a summer road trip, we are working to keep you comfortable. Now that's cool!

    Josh Byerly

    Performance Materials and Technologies