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    Onondaga Lake is Back

    Onondaga Lake is Back

    In 2016, Honeywell completed New York State’s dredging and capping plan for Onondaga Lake in Syracuse using technical excellence and innovative approaches. Today, the water quality in Onondaga Lake is the best it’s been in more than 100 years. More than 1 million native plants, trees, and shrubs are being planted, creating a thriving green corridor of wetlands. More than 230 wildlife species call the area home. The community has embraced the turnaround too and Onondaga Lake is now a source of pride and an economic driver for the region.

    The cleanup is the result of more than two decades and millions of hours of intensive effort. The project was completed through an unwavering focus on sound science, technical excellence, community engagement, sustainable practices, and a commitment to health and safety. Habitat restoration, a major focus of the cleanup, continues into 2017, as does Honeywell’s commitment to encouraging community volunteers to become environmental stewards.

    Community’s Vision of a Clean Onondaga Lake is Becoming a Reality

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