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    What Does Innovation Mean to You?

    We asked five inventors for their perspective

    According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, innovation means "the introduction of something new."

    To find out what this means to our inventors, we asked some of them, “What does innovation mean to you?”

    Each of them have been recognized for their contributions to the field of fluorine chemistry, which has advanced the development of breakthrough fluorinated molecules for refrigerants, blowing agents for insulation, aerosol and solvent applications.


    These solutions are making everyday life more comfortable and energy-efficient while helping make a positive impact on the environment.

    Here's how they define innovation:

    “Innovation is taking risks so that a creative idea can be turned into a business.”
    - Rajiv Singh, senior director of research and development at Honeywell Fluorine Products



    “Innovation is not only the future of our company's growth and sustainability, but the contribution of our company to the future of the world.”
    - Terris Yang, senior research and development engineer at Honeywell Fluorine Products


    “Innovation is thinking beyond where we are today.”
    - Mary Bogdan, principal scientist at Honeywell Fluorine Products


    “Innovation is the search for better.”
    - Richard Horwath, lead process engineer at Honeywell Fluorine Products



    “Innovation is looking at challenges from a new viewpoint, raising new questions, providing novel solutions. Innovation is limitless!”
    - Dave Nalewajek, research fellow at Honeywell Fluorine Products

    Josh Byerly

    Performance Materials and Technologies