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    Here are Your Top Three Travel Frustrations

    Here are Your Top Three Travel Frustrations

    Number one? You probably won't be surprised 

    You've checked the flight monitor or received a text message alert to find that dreaded seven letter word: Delayed.



    With crowded airports and cramped seating, you're likely to encounter delays during summer travel season. Airlines for America expects a record 234 million passengers to travel worldwide on US airlines this summer.


    In a survey* of travelers, Honeywell found that nearly half are frustrated by delays, and the top perk that would make people most excited to fly again is on-time arrivals and departures.



    Top Frustrations When Flying:

    1. Late arrivals and departures (47%)
    2. In-flight turbulence (12%)
    3. Lack of reliable in-flight Wi-Fi (12%)

    Top Perks that would Make You Most Excited to Fly Again:

    1. On-time arrivals and departures (35%)
    2. Reliable in-flight Wi-Fi (18%)
    3. Free in-flight alcoholic drinks (14%) or good entertainment options (e.g., the latest films) (14%)

    This is how many people are anxiously awaiting their summer travels— concerned about getting to their destination on-time to enjoy some much needed relaxation.



    To ease these frustrations, new technology is making flying a smoother, more enjoyable experience again. From iPad apps in the cockpit to advanced weather radar systems and connected maintenance technologies, we provide pilots and operators with technology and services that help reduce turbulent flight experiences and prevent unscheduled maintenance incidents to get passengers to their destinations on time. Learn more Honeywell technologies and services that keep passengers on-schedule here.

    * Honeywell commissioned YouGov to conduct a survey of 2,410 US adults to determine what makes them frustrated and most excited about flying.


    Steve Brecken