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    Out of Stock? Not Anymore

    Out of Stock? Not Anymore

    UK retailer Marks & Spencer uses 9,000 Honeywell mobile computers at its stores to help customers find the items they need

    Nothing can dampen a pleasant day of shopping more than realizing that the item you've been searching for is out of stock in the store.

    To prevent this scenario and to provide customers with a better shopping experience, a leading retailer recently invested in new mobile technology for its workers.

    Marks & Spencer, one of the U.K.'s largest retail chains, converged multiple devices into a single, easy-to-use device for its store associates across 950 stores. The company, which sells clothing, home goods, and luxury food items, wanted its staff to help shoppers find the items their searching for and look up the best deals on new products.

    The company equipped its workers with 9,000 Honeywell mobile computers to help them provide customers with a better shopping experience and keep shelves stocked.

    With the user-friendly device, a store associate can quickly and easily look up inventory while talking to a shopper without having to walk back to the stockroom.

    While talking to a store associate with the device, shoppers can also find out about loyalty rewards offers that are currently available to them so that they can get the best deal on their purchases.

    Honeywell's versatile and durable Dolphin 75e handheld computers run on the Android operating system and can be used in both the stockrooms or out on the store floor.

    “It gave us great battery performance, good scanning ability and, critically, it gave us the headroom to allow us to look at our future application road map,” said Andrew Bull, manager of IT business solutions for Marks & Spencer.

    Watch the video to find out more about how they're using the technology to improve customer experience.