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    Your Top Travel Etiquette Dos and Don'ts

    Your Top Travel Etiquette Dos and Don'ts

    Our new survey uncovers how to keep calm when flying

    For most of us, making our way through an airport and flying on a plane is no longer the exciting and luxurious experience it once was.

    We now associate airports with finicky TSA agents, arbitrary flight delays, and without fail, the wall of passengers blocking you from entering your gate.

    In our latest survey*, we identified top flying etiquette no-no's and what travelers can do to keep their cool.

    Top Flight Etiquette Faux Pas
    1. Putting feet up on a seat or arm rests (68%)
    2. Storing two bags in the overhead bin to save leg room (44%)
    3. Boarding in an earlier group than one's assigned seat (44%)
    4. Reclining the seat when someone is sitting behind you (38%)
    5. Taking shoes off for the flight (29%)

    Top Flight Annoyances
    1. Having your seat kicked or hit (55%)
    2. Passengers who take up space beyond their seat (47%)
    3. Passengers with too much carry-on luggage (45%)
    4. Passengers with bad body odor (44%)
    5. Passengers who hog the armrest (38%)

    Top Ways to Pay It Forward When Flying
    1. Help an older person get their luggage down from an overhead bin (72%)
    2. Help another passenger to put their bag in or take their bag down from the overhead bin (68%)
    3. Switch seats to let family members sit together (67%)
    4. Reassure another passenger who is scared to fly (53%)
    5. Offer to help a parent struggling to entertain (or calm down) a young child (39%)

    If you can relate to any of these, you'll be glad to know that Honeywell has solutions to keep your flying experience tolerable when these bad habits and frustrations bring you down. Our technologies go beyond the cockpit and maintenance crew. We provide behind-the-scenes solutions that keep the air in your cabin fresh and the connectivity solutions that will help keep you occupied throughout your flight, despite the seat kicker behind you.

    Learn more here.

    * Honeywell commissioned YouGov to conduct a survey of 2,230 US adults to determine their biggest annoyances about flying and what they consider to be acceptable flight etiquette.

    Steve Brecken