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    Total Security on Campus - A behind-the-scenes look at how schools can stay-in-the-know with smarter technology

    A behind-the-scenes look at how schools can stay-in-the-know with smarter technology

    At a big university, it's essential to ensure each student, faculty member and visitor remains safe and secure while on campus.

    It's a tough job because you can't be everywhere and see everything. Fortunately, given the rise of building connectivity and smart technologies, it's easier to more seamlessly and effectively manage operations across a large campus. Chief among the technologies that are helping is the latest release of our Digital Video Manager, DVM R620 . This update taps the Internet of Things, building connectivity and open standards to improve operator efficiency, drive deeper insights and speed up response times when an incident arises. The result: Security made smarter and easier, which is a win for all buildings, from airports and hospitals, to those found within smart cities and higher education.

    Here's how it works on a college campus:

    Operating at Lightning Speed

    Before: A significant amount of time and energy are spent manually searching through hours of video surveillance footage from thousands of cameras to find a specific incident, which is especially cumbersome in high alert situations.
    After: Easy motion searching and slow-motion replay means that evidence is found faster and more accurately. Operators tap the newest feature - bookmarking - to easily annotate and navigate video footage, allowing for faster identification and retrieval and more collaboration.

    Open Solutions - Freedom of Choice

    Before: There was a limited range of integrated devices to choose from or a costly investment in a custom integration.
    After: Honeywell's DVM allows for interoperability on the surveillance industry's premier standard for integration (ONVIF). This allows operators to pick from more than 7,000 compatible devices to suit their functional and budgetary requirements.

    Monitoring Multiple Locations at Once

    Before: Individual camera feeds or pre-configured views monitored safety across an entire campus, numerous buildings and many floors.
    After: Using the updated console, Marywood University of Scranton, Pennsylvania, strengthened campus security with DVM R620. Now they can see live and recorded video from up to 25 cameras simultaneously with synchronized video playback and an intuitive, flexible interface, making it easier for security officers to spend more time where they are most effective - on foot, observing the campus and interacting with the community.