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    Four Smart Ways to Brighten Your Diwali

    Four Smart Ways to Brighten Your Diwali

    While preparing the celebration, here are a few tips to keep stay safe

    The festival of lights &endash; is here! It's the time of the year where families come together and celebrate with gifts, delectable cuisines, and lighting and decorating their homes and streets.

    It is also that time of year where we put together an endless to-do list for the festive season, but we often forget elementary tips to keep festivals safer and healthier for ourselves and our loved ones.

    Here are four smart ways to brighten up your home and your festive spirit this Diwali:

    Be Protected from Outdoor Air Pollution: Today, India is home to half of the world's 20 most polluted countries. Do you know that 10 percent of the world's asthma patients are from India? Why take a chance this Diwali? The Honeywell PM2.5 anti-pollution masks are designed to protect users from severe respiratory ailments. The three-layer filter combination eliminates dust particles, bacteria, harmful gases, volatile organic compounds, influenza viruses, and offers a PM2.5 removal efficiency of greater than 95 percent. These masks fit all face shapes and are comfortable to wear in all weather conditions. Click hereto know more.

    Fight Bad Air Inside your Home: Do you know that indoor air pollution is 10 times higher than outdoor air pollution? It is dangerous and yet, invisible. Keep your indoors clean and provide your loved ones a chance to breath clean air. The Honeywell Air Touch range of air purifiers addresses the ever-growing problem of air pollution inside Indian homes. Read more about the newly launched Air Touch A5 and I8 here.

    Keep your Homes Safer and Smarter: Security becomes a prime concern during festivals. Honeywell awareness cameras help address various security issues of your home. Aesthetically designed, these cameras are easy to install and operate, making them an ideal accessory for smart homes. Get to know about your home's safety on your phone &endash; wherever you may be this Diwali. Click here to know more.

    Block Unwanted Noise: The noisy firecrackers often make it difficult for people inside homes during Diwali. Get yourself a pair of Honeywell ear plugs and ear muffs to block noise and enable great protection and comfort. Click here to know more.

    Madhavi Jha