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    10 Things to Do at Home Before a Vacation

    10 Things to Do at Home Before a Vacation

    Before your flight or road trip, use this checklist to get your house ready

    Visiting family? Taking a tropical vacation? Holiday travel is here &endash; and there's plenty to remember to do before you leave home.

    Before you head out the door, here's a checklist:

    Don't post on social media

    Avoid publicly sharing your plans before you go and announcing to the world that your house is empty. You can post all of your photos when you're back.

    Keep an eye on your home

    Set up a security camera such as the Lyric C2 Security Camera, so you can see what's happening at all hours. It also recognizes smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector sounds and sends an alert to your smart phone. Get in on the future of home security with our new Smart Home Security System.

    Set your thermostat

    If you have a Honeywell Lyric thermostat and use geofencing, you're already set to go away without having to adjust your thermostat. If you have an older programmable thermostat, we suggest you set your temperature to between 62 and 65 degrees while you're away to save energy. With a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat, you'll be able turn it back up to your desired temperature from your smartphone before you get home.

    Make arrangements for mail

    Put deliveries on hold or ask a neighbor to fetch it for you and do the same with newspapers, if you still get them delivered.

    Close up the house

    Keep out unwanted guests like animals, bugs, bats, squirrels by making sure the fireplace flue is closed.

    Clean out the refrigerator

    Toss perishables and don't forget to take out the trash.

    Lock up valuables

    Protect documents and files like medical and tax records, stocks, passports, birth certificates and checkbooks from fire and water in a waterproof, fire-rated file chest.

    Unplug appliances

    Save electricity by unplugging electronics like hair dryer, toaster, coffee maker and televisions.

    Call credit card companies

    Let your bank or credit card provider know that you're going to be out of town so they should expect to see charges in unexpected locations.

    Set up lights

    To keep your house from looking dark, install timers on lamps in several rooms and set them to turn on and off at different times. If you already have Philips Hue lights, be sure to adjust your programming so anyone stalking your home will think you're off work but still there.