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    5 Ways Holiday Shopping Is Better than Ever

    This is the season! The future of shopping is here and you have more convenient options than ever before

    Digital and in-store experiences are blurring together. Who wins? You – the shopper. Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, retailers are competing for your time, attention and holiday dollars. With sales and specials, they want to make it easy for you and you can choose how you want to buy on your terms.

    According to a RetailMeNot survey, consumer spending over the U.S. Thanksgiving weekend (Thursday through Monday) will go up 47% year-over-year with an average spend of $743. Welcome to the retail omnichannel, which seeks to provide customers with a seamless experience, whether you are shopping online from mobile or desktop, by phone or in a brick-and-mortar store. Our efficient and flexible technology makes it possible for local shops to act more like mini-distribution centers. They're closer to your home, so they can often ship directly to you for faster/cheaper (or even have a local delivery driver take it to you in the same day). In 2017, finding perfect presents will be easier and more delightful than ever. Here are some of your options.

    Buy in-store
    What: Old-school shopping.
    Why do it: Doorbusters! And that personal touch. There are some unique hands-on experiences that you get only when you're in a store – like high-touch care (bottle of water and expert advice) and the ability to touch and feel the merchandise.

    Buy online, pick up in-store

    What: Local shops are acting more like mini-distribution centers. Instead of waiting for a delivery driver or worrying if your package will get lost or stolen from your doorstep, you can now pick up your online order directly from your local retail store. This can save you time, and maybe give you a chance to select a few add-on gifts.
    Why do it: Per a survey by Internet Retailer, 73% of those who took this option did so to save on shipping fees.

    Buy online, deliver same-day
    What: The convenience of online plus immediacy
    Why do it: Instant gratification without leaving your home. In many cases, this model takes advantage of local stores acting as mini-warehouses, providing home delivery in record time.

    Buy online, deliver before the holidays

    What: Planners and last-minute shoppers will want to make sure you purchase by December 23 at the latest.
    Why do it: You may pay for last-minute upgrades, but even procrastinating shoppers can get what you want delivered to your doorstep.

    And, just in case.. easier returns
    What: Not every present is a winner. You can return by mail or in-store.
    Why do it: Not every present is winner. Giving customers convenient options to return an online purchase makes you more likely to take a chance on a definite maybe.