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    A Day in the Life of a Data Scientist

    Here is how two of our data scientists spend their day while discovering actionable insights from data

    It seems like everywhere you look, more andmore devices are connected to the Internet. All of those “smart products” andtheir billions of bytes create “Big Data.” Makingsense of all that data and knowing what to do with it is a big challenge. Soit's no surprise that data science has been identified as a top skill to have.

    For data scientists at Honeywell, it's a way of making the world abetter place. Here's what it's like to spend a day with them:

    Atul Katole, Senior Scientist, Bangalore, India

    9 a.m.I help security cameras identify and categorize objects in images as dangerousor not, using machine learning algorithms. I'm imagining a future where securityand surveillance cameras can recognize people wearing masks, carrying guns orsharp objects and then raise an alarm. Machine learning is helping devices suchas security cameras learn on their own to do things only humans were capable ofbefore. Smart surveillance will make our world safer.

    Noon I review,design and adjust machine learning models for video analytics, objectrecognition, text analytics, speech and audio recognition used in buildingsurveillance to ensure it runs smoothly. It's all about building intelligenceinto security devices in your homes and offices using machine learning.

    4 p.m.Most of my time is spent reading academic papers and technical publications. Our challengeis to turn the unknown into actionable insights by using data, so it'simportant to be curious and learn as much as possible.

    9 p.m. I watch TV with my family andread a story on Indian mythology to my children.

    Words of wisdom for Data Science practitioners:Always work on problems that truly matter and that you're passionate about. Toooften, we find ourselves pursuing goals we don't believe in, and this will onlylead to failure.


    Raman Samusevich, Research Engineer, Prague, Czech Republic

    9a.m.Ibegin the day by developing machine learning models that teaches devices in ahome to auto adjust their settings just like how a homeowner would. Machinelearning is the future of a connected home. It can create an environment thatlearns from a homeowner's interaction with devices to bring them better comfortwhen they are away.

    NoonIdesign and tune machine learning models to evaluate its performance. As datascientists, we typically sort through a whole range of data parameters to getthese models right. I then visualize patterns in data generated by connecteddevices to reach new insights in bringing comfort to homeowners.

    4p.m. I checkon several blogs, websites and Kaggle forums to understand what others aredoing in data science.

    9p.m. I like to go for a swim, read a book or watcha movie.

    Wordsof wisdom for Data Science practitioners: Spend time with dataand get your hands dirty. You'll invariably learn something new. You must becurious and a constant learner to make discoveries in the world of big data.

    If you're interested in working in the world of data science machine learning, apply here.

    Swetha Mahesh

    Honeywell Home and Building Technologies