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    Meet Our U.S. Military Veterans

    Meet Our U.S. Military Veterans

    Six employees share how their service experience helps them in their jobs

    It's important to honor veterans on Veteran's Day and every day. At Honeywell, we are grateful to all of our U.S. military veteran colleagues for the noble work theyhave done for the country and honored to have them be part of our company.

    Designated asa 2017 Military Friendly Employer by Victory Media, publisher of G.I. Jobs for the fourth year in a row, and recognized as a Best for Vets Employer by Military Times for efforts to recruit and support veterans, service members and their families, Honeywell's performance culture is often an ideal fit.

    We caught upwith some veterans who lead by example every day.

    Amanda King (pictured above)
    Sr. Director, Breakthrough Technology for Power Systems, Aerospace

    Served: Three years from 2004 to 2007 as Army Captain at Fort Campbell in Kentucky

    Deployed to: Operation Iraqi Freedom in Kirkuk, Iraq

    Currently: Represents Honeywell on the Arizona Corporate Council on Veteran Careers and is Co-President of Honeywell's Employee Veteran Network (HEVN)

    How does what you learned in the military apply to your work? I learned to be agile, quick on my feet, solve problems, make decisions (sometimes with limited information), work in teams, lead through ambiguous environments, take charge when necessary, resilience, perseverance, intestinal fortitude and to focus on the people first and the mission always.

    What makes Honeywell a good fit for Veterans? Veterans have a desire to support something greater than themselves. At Honeywell Aerospace, the products and services we provide allow people to quickly and safely go to their brother's wedding, attend a grandparent's funeral, take a business trip, have a family vacation, conduct humanitarian relief missions, protect our and our allies' borders and find a new adventure. We connect the world through science and technology‚ that's a pretty significant mission.

    Jeffrey La Plante
    Program Manager, Aerospace

    Jeffrey La Plante while deployed in Afghanistan.

    Served: 24 years as an Infantry Officer and Planner for the School for Advanced Military Studies (SAMS)

    Deployed to: Kosovo, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Thailand and Singapore

    What do you do? I coordinate the execution of production for multiple elements on the Space Launch System, which is the new NASA system developing rocket packages for manned and unmanned space flight.

    How did your military experience prepare you for this job? Working as a team and maintaining strict timelines over the years created an embedded culture that fits well at Honeywell.

    How does what you learned in the military apply here? Synchronizing resources and taking care of people are at the heart of both jobs.

    Michael Kriesel
    Technical Customer SupportManager, Home & Building Technologies

    Michael Kriesel served in the U.S. Marine Corps from1984 to 1990.

    Served: Six years in the United States Marine Corps, including three at a maximum security prison that housed prisoners from all branches of the U.S. Military before being transferred to the 9th Engineers Battalion in Okinawa, Japan, based at Camp Hanson, and Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan at Camp Fuji.


    How has your experience in the military prepare your career? Leading people would be the biggest thing that I learned in the Marines that has helped me with my life and work experiences. The Marines taught me to be confident in decision-making and work ethics, which I have passed along to all that have ever worked with me, for me, and actually to my own children. The Marines made me who I am today.

    What makes Honeywell a good fit for Veterans? At this time, my call centers have 13 Veterans from all branches of Service. Honeywell is a great fit for Veterans, because it allows them to show the talent that the Service has provided, just like the leadership the Marines taught me.

    Sarah Cooney
    Sr. Director, USAF Programs andInterim VP Defense Americas Aftermarket, Aerospace

    Served: Five years as U.S. Air Force Captain at Tyndall Air ForceBase in Panama City, Florida, and Osan Air Base in South Korea; commissionedfrom the University of Maine through the Reserve Officers' Training Corp (ROTC)

    Currently: Co-President of Honeywell's EmployeeVeteran Network (HEVN)

    How long have you worked at Honeywell? 18 years

    What do you do? I lead a highlytalented team focused on the growth and execution of commitments to allbranches of the U.S. Department of Defense and the Commercial Helicopter andchannel partner customers.

    How has your experience in the militaryhelped prepare you for this career? I recently hadthe opportunity to attend a presentation by General Darren W. McDew, Commanderof United States Transportation Command, who mentioned a study on why peoplejoin the U.S. Air Force, and he summarized the findings as, “they want to workwith amazing people doing amazing things to change the world.” That commentresonated as it could easily describe why people want to come to work at Honeywell. We have an amazing team of talented people that work on really coolproducts and services that have and will continue to change our world. Both environmentsreward their members based on performance, celebrate team accomplishments andhave the ability to change the world through innovation.

    How do you help attract veterans to workat Honeywell? As Co-Presidentof the Honeywell Employee Veteran Network, I find opportunities for our membersto give back to Veterans in their communities. For instance, we have launchedthe Project Shave program in Tempe and Sky Harbor that if successful, we hopeto expand to other Honeywell facilities. Currently, we are collecting travel sized toiletries at both locations to donate to Phoenix-based charities focused on assisting homeless veterans.

    Jon Smith
    Vice President and General Manager, Smart Energy Gas Americas, Performance Materials & Technologies

    Jon Smith served in the U.S. Navy from 1988-2009.

    Served for: 21 years from 1988-2009 in the U.S. Navy and retired as a Commander

    Deployments to: the North Sea, Western Pacific, Mediterranean and Indian Oceans

    Operations in:Africa, Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Southwest Asia

    Member of: the Board of Directors of Veterans in Energy

    What do you do? I lead the team that provides gas metering and below-grade transmission systems to utilities and distributors throughout the Western Hemisphere. We provide safe and reliable gas measurement, communication and data analytics to more than 1,000 customers.

    How has your experience in the military helped shape your career? It taught me the power of having professionals who can think on their feet‚Äîand given an objective or outcome‚Äîcan figure things out. Empowering those people is the best part of being a leader at Honeywell or in the service. I had one of the best seniors enlisted on my team and he once told me, “You give me the menu, I'll figure out the recipe!” That way of thinking stuck with me!

    What makes Honeywell a good fit for veterans? Everywhere from the battlefield, to the air, to space, the military is using Honeywell technology already. Veterans who come from the service or reserves are trained up on most of our technology or can learn quickly. Plus, you know the person you are getting in a veteran. They've been tested, volunteered for something a little bigger than they thought they were, and succeeded. Today's service member is in a real life interview every day.


    Mike Caranfa
    Senior Director, Sales, Smart EnergyElectricity and Water Americas, Performance Materials & Technologies

    Mike Caranfa on patrol in Serbia over Christmas in 2005.

    Served: 22 years in various line positions up to Platoon Sergeant with the 1st Ranger Battalion and 24th Infantry Division at Hunter Army Airfield and Fort Stewart, GA before joining the National Guard and attending officer candidate school

    Noteworthy:Completed a last major assignment as Commander of forward operating base Camp Monteith in Gnjilane, Kosovo and was directly responsible for more than 400 soldiers, security forces and civilian contractors

    How does what you learned in the military apply to your work? I learned three key points in the Army that I apply to my job at Honeywell every single day: 1) Leadership: Lead from the front, lead by example and invest in future leaders. The U.S. military trains and executes these leadership principles as well as anyone. 2) Perspective: Traveling the world and interacting with everyone from peasant farmers to heads of state from a variety of countries has taught me that there is always another view—always step back and try to see it. 3) Crisis Management: It's easy: if no one is shooting at you, there is no crisis—just manage through the problem.

    What makes Honeywell a good fit for Veterans? Honeywell is a good fit for veterans because we value many of the key traits obtained in the military. Things like leadership, work ethic, attention to detail, a safety culture and a “can't fail” attitude are all traits that are ingrained in those that serve in the military and highly valued at every level within Honeywell.