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    Top 12 Innovations of the Year

    Top 12 Innovations of the Year

    These breakthroughs demonstrate how connectivity is changing the world

    From software to hardware to IoT, these are the breakthroughs that help create a smarter, safer and more sustainable future. We can't wait to see what's next.

    Sonic Boom Mitigation

    What: New technology will help mitigate loud sonic booms over populated areas, bringing the aerospace industry closer to supersonic flight
    Industry: Aviation &endash; it would enable pilots to cut business jet travel times roughly in half. For instance, travel time from New York to Los Angeles would be reduced from five hours to less than two and a half.
    Why it's innovative: With NASA, Honeywell integrated software with our Interactive Navigation technology into a modern business jets, which allows pilots to predict sonic booms over a future planned flight path. This provides actionable information and visuals to assess the boom impact of a flight plan and display trajectories, preventing the loud sound from disturbing populated areas.

    Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Industrial Inspection

    What: Our UAV inspection service provides state-of-the-art monitoring to help industrial customers inspect structures and increase employee safety.
    Utilities, energy, infrastructure and oil and gas
    Why it's innovative: According to the U.S. Department of Labor, utility line workers have one of the top 10 most dangerous jobs in the United States with 21.5 annual fatalities from high-voltage lines for every 100,000 workers. With this service, utility companies can send a UAV to inspect substations, transmission towers and power lines, which is safer and more cost effective than using helicopters, cherry pickers or ladders.

    Theft-Resistant Bag

    Available in: Flak Sack Coalition bag
    Industry: Textiles
    What it does: Designed to be theft-resistant. Thanks to Spectra® fiber, one of the strongest manmade fibers in the world, it exceeds the industry's highest rating for cut resistance.
    Why it's innovative: This is the most cut-resistant bag in the world.

    Digitized Building Management

    Available in: Outcome Based Service
    What: Digitized building management service, helping building operators save money through better decision making and improving the quality of life for those who live and work inside the building.
    Industry: Buildings, including airports, healthcare, higher education, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, leisure and entertainment.
    Why it's innovative: It combines the data from the building management system with powerful algorithms, providing greater visibility into the building's performance, improved lifecycle predictability and dashboards to help manage and report, promoting better operating performance, greater uptime and reduced risk. When a technician shows up on site, they can see highest priority issues, and make step-by-step improvements with the support of analytics professionals.

    Monitored DIY Home Security

    Available in: Smart Home Security System
    What: An all-in-one home security solution that helps you keep an eye on your home no matter where you are and without monthly costs.
    Industry: Connected home
    Why it's innovative: While traditional security systems require professional monitoring and installation with associated monthly fees, the Smart Home Security System plugs in and is ready-to-go, as it monitors the home, alerting you of motion and sound detection and letting you know who is coming and going in real-time. Future features include facial recognition and audio analytics, distinguishing between a smoke detector and dog barking.

    Virtual Reality Steering

    Available in: Ground X Vehicle Technology
    What: Allows drivers to maneuver in a windowless vehicle using an augmented/virtual reality headset.
    Industry: By reimagining how a driver interacts with the outside world, future systems based on GXV-T research could enable an entirely new way of driving. Vehicle operators could eventually be given a full 360-degree view of their surroundings, which would allow them to use new methods and strategies to stay protected from external threats. These future systems could also provide operators with more information about their mission, such as optimal routes, difficult terrain or troop movements by augmenting what they are seeing. The virtual reality technology would also be useful in training or simulation environments.
    Why it's innovative: This is the first case where a natural viewing experience has been achieved in an indirect, windowless driving system.

    Predictive Airplane Maintenance

    Available in: GoDirect Connected Maintenance
    What: The service gathers historical and near real-time data from your aircraft, flight and maintenance operations and repair shops. It then generates predictive maintenance alerts that are sent to airlines with the concrete maintenance action and timeline to avoid an operational disruption, keeping airlines on time and passengers comfortable.
    Industry: Air travel
    Why it's innovative: Delays can cost airlines $10,000 and up per hour or more, cancellations can be upwards of $100,000. This service helps airlines save on repairs.

    More Powerful Turbochargers

    Available in: Garrett G Series G25-550 and G25-660 Turbo Chargers
    Industry: Vehicles
    What: Lots of power in a small package
    Why it's innovative: It's the first turbocharger that does not utilize existing Original Equipment (OE) components. It has new Compressor and turbine wheel designs that increase efficiency and horsepower.

    Multiple Threats Monitoring

    Available in: AreaRAE Pro transportable multi-threat detector
    What: It protects crowd venues and other governmental applications in real time. A wireless, connected device that monitors multiple threats simultaneously, including toxic and combustible gases, volatile organic compounds, gamma radiation levels, wind speed and direction and humidity.
    Industries: Municipal (stadiums, events), critical infrastructure, HAZmat and homeland defense
    Why it's innovative: It uses a variety of state-of-the-art wireless communications (GPS, mesh wireless, WiFi or Bluetooth) and sensing technologies to identify and communicate information on an assortment of threats. Because it's transportable and lightweight, it can deployed rapidly, in minutes instead of hours or days, giving its users a full-scale, all-in-one multi-threat monitoring system that provides up-to-the-second situational awareness of the area being monitored. And because it's a connected device, the information it collects can be displayed on a PC at a command center nearby or remotely to a location thousands of miles away.

    Smart Gas Detectors

    Available in: Sensepoint XCL and XRL Fixed Gas Detectors
    What it does: Smart gas detectors that monitor for hazardous gases to protect facilities and workers. The goal was to make the most efficient gas detector to install, commission, use and maintain.
    Industry: Commercial and light industrial operations (XCL) and industrial facilities (XRL)
    Why it's innovative: Simpler and faster installation. A mobile application connects wirelessly to the device to greatly simplify testing and calibration, resulting in reduced installation time and paperwork.

    Gas Variable Nozzle Turbine (VNT)

    Industry: Automotive &endash; passenger vehicles
    What it does:
    This technology uses movable “gates” or “vanes” inside the turbocharger to better regulate airflow to precisely match the needs of the engine across engine speeds. This results in improved fuel economy and reduced CO2 emissions at nearly all engine speeds.
    Why it's innovative:
    It solves for the inherently higher temperatures associated with gasoline engines by adapting the variable geometry technology for modern gasoline engines that has been synonymous with diesel engines for nearly three decades. Honeywell and VW launched the first gas VNT engine in a cost-effective manner suited for high-volume production vehicles with best-in-class fuel economy.

    Technology Hydrotreating Catalysts

    Industry: Oil and gas refining
    What it does:
    Hydrotreating catalysts clean sulfur and other contaminants from petroleum, so it can be refined into fuels and petrochemicals. The catalysts also help those fuels burn more cleanly.
    Why it's innovative:
    These hydrotreating catalysts are the first of their kind to be specially designed to work with UOP's refining processes. Without these chemical agents, we wouldn't be able to use petroleum for fuel or other petrochemical products that eventually make plastics.