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    Ho Ho Ho(w) Santa's Sleigh is Connected this Season

    Ho Ho Ho(w) Santa's Sleigh is Connected this Season

    And give Rudolph the night off.

    Santa has been hard at work on making his list and checking it twice. It's almost time for the big night.
    With our sleigh redesign, we're giving him the gift of a connected sleigh.
    Incorporating the latest aerospace technology, he'll be able to relax with a safe and enjoyable ride while ensuring all of those presents arrive on time.
    Our engineers designed this innovative delivery-optimized vehicle with its VIP pilot in mind, including a Wi-Fi signal as fast as those found in homes, even while Santa is flying over oceans and chimney-delivery drones let the reindeer take the night off.
    Here are a few highlights:

    Upgrade 1: Connected Maintenance

    Santa will be on time for all of his deliveries, and back to Mrs. Claus by morning. Connected Maintenance combines the airplane's connectivity, in-depth product knowledge and data analytics to predict when mechanical parts need to be replaced.

    Upgrade 2: Integrated Cockpit

    Our Primus Epic integrated cockpit upgrades Santa's sleigh with the latest technologies. The Primus Epic integrated cockpit is the world's most advanced aircraft cockpit available today, providing pilots with the best flight experience and communications to date.

    Upgrade 3: Real-Time Weather Information

    Honeywell's GoDirect' Weather Information Service and SmartView® Synthetic Vision System for real-time weather conditions and precise navigation in bad weather will be outfitted in the sleigh cockpit.

    Upgrade 4: In-Flight Entertainment

    Ovation Select gives Santa and his reindeer ultimate control for in-flight comfort and productivity. The system provides passengers with a broad range of cabin entertainment, control and integrated communications to maximize in-flight comfort and productivity.

    For all of the details and our infographic on this state-of-the-art Sleigh, visit here.