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    VIDEO: Safe Water Safe Life

    VIDEO: Safe Water Safe Life

    On World Water Day, we make a difference in people's lives by providing affordable and clean drinking water

    Kalyani Ratnam is a 50-year-old homemaker from Nalgonda village, in the Karimnagar district of Telangana, India. This region has been infamous for its poor quality of water with contaminants causing long-term ailments. Two years ago, Ratnam used to pop as many as six pills a day to fight a chronic digestive disorder. Similarly, in the Warangal district of Telangana, the quality of water was dubious with high levels of fluoride that led to health issues like joint pains and weakened bones.

    Rashida Bano a 25-year-old homemaker from Chengapuram village in this district, suffers from arthritis and, till a year ago, used to spend close to INR 1,000 a month to buy painkillers. But, of late, life has improved for Ratnam, Bano and others like them. It's the access to clean drinking water that has made a difference in their lives. Both Nalgonda and Chengapuram are locations where Honeywell India in collaboration with Safe Water Network (SWN), a not-for-profit organization, has set up sustainable iJal safe water stations to provide affordable and clean drinking water access to people at the bottom of the pyramid.

    When the country's Prime Minister focuses on improving the "ease of living" for a common man, the fundamental parameters that give citizens a good life cannot be ignored. Clean drinking water is one of them. Despite the billions of dollars being spent on water projects, nearly a third of all rural water systems are inoperable at any given time; many more don't function reliably and provide unsafe water. Consequently, people die every day, and millions more suffer from poor health and lost work and school days.

    In the run-up to World Water Day, here is how SWN and Honeywell prove to be a great example.

    Deploy State-of-the-art Technology 

    A decentralized and locally-owned and locally-operated community water supply systems deploy six-level filtration technology including osmosis and ultraviolet filtration to purify water and technologies such as solar-powered water treatment plants, Internet of Things-based remote monitoring system.

    Deploy Water ATMs
    Ensuring uninterrupted and sustainable supply of clean and affordable drinking water.

    Empower Women
    Provided employment to more than 150 women in Telangana, who are involved in operations and management, and are gradually becoming entrepreneurs and operators of these safe water stations.

    Launch 100th iJal Safe Water Station
    Committed to set up 30 more stations in Telangana by 2019. Cumulatively, these will provide safe water access to 420,000 people in Telangana districts affected by severe groundwater contamination, including from fluorides.