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    Darius Adamczyk Receives Engineering Alumni Award

    Darius Adamczyk Receives Engineering Alumni Award

    John Papapolymerou, Chair of the Michigan State University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering presented the award

    In recognition of hisaccomplishments as a business leader, Chairman and CEO Darius Adamczyk recentlyreceived the John D. Ryder Electrical and Computer Engineering Alumni Award fromMichigan State University (MSU) during the school's recent 2018 Alumni Awards Banquet.

    “It is hard to express how meaningful it is tobe honored by my alma mater,” Adamczyk said upon accepting the award on theEast Lansing, Michigan, campus. “I owe a debt of gratitude to the manyprofessors, mentors, and peers who helped set me on the path to success. I knewwhen I made the transition from engineer to business leader that I had theessential capabilities to do so successfully and that those capabilities weredeveloped during my time at this university.”

    Adamczyk earneda bachelor's degree in electrical and computer engineering at MSU, followed bya master's degree from Syracuse University and an MBA from Harvard University. Theannual ceremony recognizes those whose significant accomplishments reflectpositively on MSU and help further the mission of the College of Engineering.

    Adamczyk becameChairman of Honeywell's Board of Directors this past April, a little more thana year after he became CEO, succeeding Dave Cote.