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    Engineers Share Their Best Career Advice from Mom

    Here's the wisdom that helped these engineers get to where they are today

    Mom, Maa, Mamă, Madre, Mommy –so many names for the person that was often your earliest source of guidance. Some of our engineers, who are moms, share the best advice their mom ever gave them.

    Mother's Day

    Secil Iskender, Turkey
    Engineer for: 14 years
    Mom of: Ali Mete Iskender (2)
    Best career advice from your mom: Never to let perceptions about gender barriers prevent me from taking on new challenges. Thanks to this advice, I have been able to create a successful, exciting career in an industry that globally is largely male dominated.
    Career advice for your kids: Work-life balance is critical for a happy life and to achieve this balance we need to be very well organized. My advice is not to waste any second and always learn new things and keep up your self-motivation, rather than being set back by challenges.

    Mother's DayMythili Belle, India
    Engineer for: 15 years
    Mom of: Chanya Shenoy B S (11) and Shubhay Shenoy B S (3)
    Best advice from her mom: My mother has always advised me to scale greater heights no matter how strenuous the journey may appear and how big the disappointments I would invariably have to face. The trick would always lie in how fast I would be able to bounce back and work on giving 100%.
    Her career advice: My advice to my children would be to identify your passion and work towards making a career out of it.

    Mother's DayChristine Bao, (Chinese name - Hui Bao), China
    Engineer for: 2 years
    Mom of: Amy (8)
    Best advice from her mom: No pain, no gain.
    Her career advice: Your passion and interest is your best teacher.

    Mother's Day

    Blanca Iris Morales, Puerto Rico
    Engineer for: 9 years
    Mom of: Julian A. Mejias (17); Son: Gabriela I. Mejias (11)
    Best advice from her mom: Take responsibility and commit to become your best. Mom also taught me to save for rainy days.
    Her career advice: Study something you truly love. Work hard, have fun and enjoy life.

    Mother's DayHannah Luu, Phoenix, AZ
    Engineer for: 15 years
    Mom of: Joshua Luu (11) and Katelyn Luu (9)
    Best advice from her mom: Don't give up!
    Her career advice: Find a career that makes you happy and support your family.

    Mother's DaySaadet Ulas Acikgoz, Des Plaines, Illinois
    Engineer for: 10 years
    Mom of: Ela Acikgoz (7) and Orhan Acikgoz (5 months)
    Best advice from her mom: My mom had a business degree and she was a manager for the finance department of a company in Turkey. She advised me to have a goal for my career and top be prepared.
    Her career advice: Enjoy what you do, be creative and productive.

    Mother's DayFrancis Rodriguez, Torrance, CA
    Engineer for: 15 years
    Mom of: Oscar & Roberto (7) and Zoe (5)
    Best career advice from her mom: Whatever you do, do it correctly.
    Her career advice: Whatever you do, do it right and with passion.
    Mother's DayClaudia Margarita Acosta, Mexico
    Engineer for: 3 years
    Mom of: Maria Fernanda (6) and Daniel (8)
    Best advice from her mom: My mother used to tell me that sometimes problems are not easy to solve, but we need to put all our energy in trying and that education is the best way to face the challenges of the world.
    Her career advice: I always have told my kids that they can achieve whatever they want, but they need to work for it. They need to be prepared to understand the world and have their own experiences and learn. I would like them to enjoy their future careers, so I hope to help them find the best career option.
    Mother's DaySol Hayes, Torrance, CA
    Engineer for: 15 years
    Mom of: Kelsi Mariana Hayes (2)
    Career advice from her mom: To be happy with what I do and if I am not then stop doing it.
    Her career advice: Always learn something new that makes you challenge yourself and break your routine.
    Mother's DayMiriam Cruz, Puerto Rico
    Engineer for: 1 year
    Mom of: Gustavo (9) and Enrique (7)
    Career advice from her mom: Being responsible and organized is key to excel at your job.
    Career advice for your kids: Having passion for what you do makes all the difference.
    Mother's DayNeveen Farag, Torrance, CA
    Engineer for: 20 years
    Mom of: Adam Loutfalla (1)
    Best career advice from your mom: Education is a top priority and you must be honest and ethical.
    Career advice for your kids: Never give up on reaching your goals.

    Mother's DayLorena C√°rdenas, Mexico
    Engineer for: 4 years
    Mom of: Benjamín Leonel (1)
    Best career advice from your mom: Study and always strive to be the best and that the future will await you with the open doors.
    Career advice for your kids: Make sure that whatever decision you make in your life makes you happy and allow that little happiness to become passion. I will always be their side to guide and support.

    Mother's DayMaria Isabel Ordoñez, Mexico
    Engineer for: 30 years
    Mom of: Guillermo Arturo Añez Ordoñez (26) and Carlos Eduardo Añez Ordoñez (21)
    Best career advice from your mom: Take responsibility and focus to do my best.
    Career advice for your kids: Follow your passion and do the best you can do.