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    How Hotel Rooms Are Getting Connected

    How Hotel Rooms Are Getting Connected

    Be our guest! Put our technology to the test in these smarter-than-ever accommodations for travelers

    You just landed in Las Vegas and waited in an hour-long cab line. Did we mention it's a balmy 110 degrees? Singular thought: GET. ME. TO. MY. ROOM.

    Finally, things are looking up. You enter the glitzy hotel and go right to your room without stopping at reception. You ask Alexa via our new INNCOM e7 Thermostat to adjust the room temperature to “arctic blast” and collapse onto the bed. Connected room technology advancements boast the potential to truly transform your travel experience.

    Here's a rundown of technologies that are making it easier for a hotel room to feel more homey.

    Online check-in and keyless entry

    What: Use the hotel's app and let them know when you're arriving. Then let yourself in.

    Why: It puts you higher in the queue for rooms as they become available. It really works if you want to get in and get comfortable before the official check-in time. As a bonus - some hotels let you choose your room. (Hint: Search for “best rooms at X-hotel” for the inside scoop.) Keyless room entry through the hotel app on your phone saves time and eliminates that embarrassing 3 AM Vegas moment at the hotel desk where you confess you lost your key.

    Text the Concierge

    What: Most hotels promise a text response to you in four minutes or less. Whether you're on or off property. Now that's five-star service!

    Why: Are you looking for transportation? Want a local's take on local attractions? Perhaps you'd like tickets to a show. Need something in your room? Wouldn't you love to get fast answers and action seamlessly, without waiting on hold? Send a text, get a towel. It's that easy.

    Get to know your room and your room will get to know you

    What: Connected, voice-controlled in-room services using Artificial Intelligence (AI).AI and machine learning will extend to the utilization of concierge robots, digital assistance, voice-activated services, travel experience enhancers, and more.

    Why: Ever wanted your own personal butler? Amazon Alexa, at your service. Through voice activated in-room connectivity, you can control smart devices such as entertainment and amenity systems, thermostats, and window shades. Hungry? Just askAlexa. You can order room service or have your mini bar refilled pronto. Once the hotel learns your preferences, they'll all be programmed and remembered for your next stay, making it truly your home away from home.

    No cord? No problem

    What: A wireless charging station is the latest guest room amenity provided by hotels that's so smart it can charge any device.

    Why: You've been longing to be unleashed from your power cables. One less thing for you to pack. Now you're all powered up and ready to roam without worrying about a low battery message.