4 Tips to Remember to Wear a Mask

    Don't leave home without one - here’s some practical advice to always pack your face covering

    We want to return to work, attend sporting events, go back to school and do many other activities in public.

    In most of those places masks or face coverings will be encouraged or mandatory.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends people wear cloth face coverings if they go in public and are around others who they do not live with, “especially when other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.”  

    Face coverings have been mandatory at the N95 mask manufacturing facility in Arizona during the pandemic and N95 masks are being distributed by Honeywell to governments for health care workers. But other types of face coverings are mandatory for the employees working on the site.

    Honeywell plant director Glen Tran has learned four ways to help people remember to wear masks.

    1.    Store masks near your car keys.

    Car keys. Wallet. Cellphone. We normally leave the house with certain items every time.

    “Wherever we place those things in our home, we should always keep a mask there,” Glen said.

    That will make it easy not to forget as you head out in public.

    2.    Have extras in your common places.

    Employees at the manufacturing facility have their temperatures screened before they can enter, and extra masks are readily available at that location. Similarly, you should  store your face coverings locations you frequent. “Make sure you have extra,” Glen said. That could include a specific spot at work or in the center console of your car.

    3.    Set reminders.

    In the manufacturing plant, it is a safety violation if employees do not wear a mask, Glen said. So visual signs and displays remind employees to wear them. Similarly, you can set similar reminders as well. An alert on your phone could be preset for times you typically leave the house. Visual signs like a sticky note by your door or desk can also help.

    4.    Build a support system.

    So how does Glen personally remember to wear a mask when he’s not at work? “My loved ones always remind me,” he said. That spreads out the accountability. He also considers where he is headed. When he’s journeying out in public, then the previous tips help him always remember a face covering.