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    Safety, Security and Sustainability for Retail Buildings

    Longevity Solutions for Retail Stores

    Today, retail stores across the globe must navigate a market with heightened concerns over safety, health and security. To meet consumer needs, retailers must evaluate the effectiveness of existing building systems behind each individual store, especially in relation to air quality, fire safety, security, energy efficiency and overall connectivity. That’s where we come in.

    Exclusive White Paper

    Cybersecurity Safeguards Smart City Infrastructure

    Exclusive White Paper

    Cybersecurity Safeguards Smart City Infrastructure

    A Safe, Secure and Healthy Store is Limitless

    Multi-size optimization

    Healthier Stores

    We help maximize the health of your stores in order to enhance the experience of both shoppers and employees.

    Safety and Security

    Longetivity & Sustainability 

    Our healthy building services are designed to help retail stores achieve long-term growth and productivity.

    Increased Production

    Fire Prevention Readiness

    Have confidence knowing that your fire systems are monitoring fire risks and providing related intelligence, 24/7/365.

    Remote Diagnostics

    360° Security

    Ensure your stores have the resources to actively monitor and respond to potential security threats at any time.

    Client Centric Solutions

    Multi-Site Optimization

    Oversee and manage in-store building controls remotely with the help of building automation systems.

    Cloud Based Connectivity

    Better Shopping Experience

    Elevate and uplift the shopping experience with healthier stores working more intuitively to protect customers.

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    Theater chain lowers energy costs 28% by integrating HVAC with ticketing systems

    A multi-national movie theater chain called Honeywell Multisite to drive energy savings. The results exceeded all expectations.

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