We are strategically positioned to address the world's toughest challenges - energy efficiency, clean energy generation, safety and security, and globalization.

Global Presence

Honeywell is committed to serving our customers with the best products, software and services. We understand our customers because we have operations around the world at about 1,300 sites in 70 countries. In 2015, approximately 53% of our sales are generated outside the U.S.


Honeywell's presence in High Growth Regions (HGR) has been a key pillar of our growth over the last decade. These countries will account for half of the world’s economy by 2030, and we expect they will account for more than half our growth over the next five years.

We strive to meet demand in these fastest-growing economies through innovative local solutions that address key macro trends such as urbanization and the emergence of the middle class. As people move to cities, purchase homes and cars and travel more often, comfort, energy efficiency and security – key benefits of Honeywell technologies – become increasingly important.

Our strategy for growth in the HGR is built upon experience and proven results in China and India, where our “East-for-East” strategy allows us to locally innovate, design and manufacture products to meet the unique needs of regional customers. We have built strong regional organizations for engineering, procurement, sales and marketing that improve service to our customers, reduce our cost to serve and develop the right solutions that our customers want.

We’re also taking what we learn and applying it to an “East-to-Rest” strategy that takes these HGR innovations and quickly and efficiently tailors them for other emerging and developed markets.