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Honeywell Co., Ltd. was jointly founded by LG Group and Honeywell in 1984. Since its founding in Korea, Honeywell has introduced advanced technologies, know-how, and management skills, and now we have grown into a global company with 25 years of history.

After being spun-off from LG Group in early 1999, Honeywell Co., Ltd. is now leading the automation control industry mainly in the fields of petrochemical process automation and the Intelligent Building System (IBS). Honeywell Co., Ltd. has laid a strong foundation for Korea’s automation control industry by developing new technologies, training skilled professionals, and providing the best services. Honeywell Co., Ltd. has supplied core operating systems for various infrastructure facilities including refineries, petrochemical plants, LNG carrier, LNG FPSO, large buildings, and semiconductor plants. Honeywell Co., Ltd. has been actively investing in R&D and has expanded into intelligent home systems, security equipment, and automotive sensors.

Honeywell is not complacent with the current leadership in the Korean market and strives to become the global leader in the industry. Through continued development of new technologies and products, Honeywell Co., Ltd. is opening a new future. The management goal of Honeywell Co., Ltd. is to help our customers maximize their productivity and to provide a pleasant living environment by making our lives safer and more convenient. Honeywell Co., Ltd. is committed to making progress and opening frontiers to meet the high expectations of customers. The company strives to provide the best value for customers. In the knowledge- and information-based economy, business competitiveness is determined by how it secures creative talents, develops advanced technologies and provides services catered to the customer’s needs. With superior competitiveness, Honeywell Co., Ltd. will lead the automation control technologies while creating harmony between human beings and technologies. Honeywell Co., Ltd. will grow together with our customers and become a true partner for them.


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Lydia Lu

Tel# 86-21-22196888-6509
Mobile# 86-13-91602-2418

Process Solutions

Tel# +82 2 799 6306

Building Solutions
Tel# +82 2 799 6114

Sensing & Productivity Solutions
Tel# +82 2 799 6148

Security and Fire
Tel# +82 2 799 6114

Environmental & Energy Solutions
Tel# +82 2 799 6114

Honeywell Industrial Safety
Tel# +82 2 6909 0300

Turbo Technologies

Tel# +82 2 3483 5114

Specialty Material
Tel# +82 2 3483 5181

Tel# +82 2 3483 5110

Honeywell Turbo Technologies - Manufacturing
Honeywell Korea Ltd
3Ma-819, ShiWha Industrial Complex
425110 Ansan

Honeywell Turbo Technologies - Sales
Honeywell Korea Ltd.
2F, Janghakjaedan Building 44-1
Banpo - Dong, Seocho-Ku
Seoul 137-802