Honeywell in Southeast Asia







Malaysia Press Releases

02.22.2016  Honeywell Makes Science Fun for 320 High School Students at the Honeywell Leadership Challenge Academy  
 Honeywell Addresses Industrial Internet of Things Information Distribution Challenge with New Mobility APP  
 Honeywell Names Briand Greer President, Southeast Asia  
 Honeywell invites teachers to join astronaut training & development opportunities  
 Honeywell's New Supermarket Refrigerant Named R&D 100 Award Finalist  
 Penntex Midstream Partners, LP Starts Second Honeywell UOP Russell Modular Gas Processing Plant  
 Honeywell Technology Modernizes Mill for Europe's Largest Forest Industry Company  
 Nine Teachers from Malaysia Inspired to Join Honeywell Educators @ Space Academy  
 Honeywell Technology First to Proactively Manage Cyber Security Risk for Industrial Sites  
 Honeywell Reports Strong Q3 Financial Results and Expects Significant Growth in Malaysia over Next Five Years  
 Honeywell Annual Program Offers Opportunity for High School Teachers to Join Astronaut Training & Development  
 Honeywell Green Boot Camp Helps Drive Sustainability Education In Malaysia  
 Student From Malaysia Joins More Than 300 Students From Around The World In Honeywell Leadership Challenge Academy  
 New Honeywell Industrial-Grade Barcode Scanner To Strengthen Asian Supply Chains  
 Honeywell Security Group Ranks No.1 Again In A&S Security Top 50  
 Honeywell Launches 2014 Green Boot Camp Program  
 Honeywell Appoints Jeffrey Sit To Lead Security Business In Asia Pacific  
 Honeywell Names Jim Bujold President, SE Asia And Anant Maheshwari As President, Honeywell India