Czech Republic

Honeywell Prague Laboratory
V Parku 2326/18
148 00 Prague 4
Czech Republic
Office: +420 242 442 111
Honeywell Prague Laboratory, Czech Republic

The research & development unit with a mission to expand Honeywell’s portfolio with new products, tools and services.

The laboratory started operations in 1993 as Honeywell’s first R&D center outside the US. Traditionally, it was a focal point for the development of advanced control, optimization, data modeling, analytics, computer vision and cyber security technologies for several Honeywell businesses, including process industries, residential and commercial buildings and utilities. 

The primary mission of the laboratory is to extend Honeywell portfolio by tools, products and services helping customers to enable or increase the efficiency of their operation.

The combination of the available skills - most of the staff have a Ph.D. degree or equivalent - and application-specific domain knowledge, results in expertise in many areas, including model-based predictive control, energy management, fault detection and diagnostics, condition-based maintenance, alarm management and many others. Many of the original ideas from laboratory staff are already patented in the United States and elsewhere in the world, enriching Honeywell’s portfolio by 60+ patents.

The laboratory researchers work in truly global teams. To serve Honeywell customers, they team up with colleagues in other laboratories around the globe (namely in Minneapolis, US, and Bangalore, India) as well as with Honeywell marketing, engineering, and software development teams. The results achieved are used in existing Honeywell products and services and are available to Honeywell customers worldwide.

An important part of laboratory research is a participation in European and governmental research projects; the collaboration with top European universities and other partners closes the gap between the academic research and customers’ needs.

Prague Laboratory has a long relationship with the Czech Technical University in Prague: laboratory employees serve on university academic bodies, give lecture courses, and lead master and doctoral theses or support theses reviews. Many students of Czech universities have already participated in internships with Honeywell, several of them later joining the Laboratory as employees.