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We’re investing in inclusive development and sustainable future

The Honeywell Hometown Solutions India Foundation (HHSIF) is a not-for-profit organization that deploys the efforts of Honeywell India towards social responsibility interventions. Together with leading public institutions and non-profit organizations, Honeywell has developed powerful programs to address needs in the communities it serves. At present HHSIF is working in 8 states impacting 12Lakhs+ population both in urban and rural setting.

Our Vision

Create Sustainable Ecosystems & Empowered Communities

Our Mission

• Promote STEM Education, Upskilling Youth, Women and Research

• Enable holistic community development through sustainability practices, livelihood generation, WASH and Women empowerment

• Step up relief efforts in times of disaster like the pandemic

Our Programs

Education, Skill and Research

Honeywell aims to bridge digital divide by promoting STEM education with a special emphasis on educating girls and women in STEM. To strengthen and reinforce the research and development ecosystem in STEM areas in India, Honeywell is also supporting the start-up eco system in the deep science programs and encourages the R&D solutions which has direct impact on society, health, and environment.

Holistic and Sustainable Community Development

Honeywell’s holistic rural development program aims to create healthy, self-reliant communities and model villages, which are economically prosperous, environmentally sustainable, and resilient. Through this program Honeywell is striving to support the efforts of the Indian Government to empower rural and underprivileged communities to promote inclusive growth of the country.

‘Plant The Future’ Campaign – The Million Tree Project

Implemented by Multiple Partners

With the aim to mitigate the effects of climate change and strengthen the resilient capacities of the nation, HHSIF kicked off the ‘Plant the Future’ campaign, a 10-year-long pan-India afforestation drive. Honeywell will plant and nurture more than one million saplings across 10 cities in 10 years: between 2022 and 2032, coinciding with the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.

Humanitarian Relief

From devastating natural disasters to the global pandemic, Honeywell is committed to offering solutions in the face of any humanitarian crisis. The power to connect at the grassroots level and understand the intricacies of humanitarian issues have helped Honeywell focus on the needs of communities in face of any humanitarian crisis.

Healthcare Equipment Donations

Honeywell Hometown Solutions India Foundation

Honeywell is continuously identifying needs and gaps in the country’s healthcare ecosystem and providing necessary support via medical equipment to bolster healthcare infrastructure.

Programmatic Priorities

In addition to the above explained thematic areas, Honeywell’s CSR Programs are envisioned with the below two priority principles in all aspects from planning to implementation and impact measurement.

Natural Resource & Environment: Honeywell ensures that all activities, whether to be implemented internally or through a partner organization, take into consideration the environmental impact as well as looks at opportunities where the activities can positively contribute to the vision of creating sustainable ecosystems. Some of the key initiatives under this programmatic priority include shifting to renewable sources of energy and efficient technology, promoting water and soil conservation, supporting startups working toward natural resource conservation, creating water conservation infrastructure, and promoting water saving techniques in farm and non-farm activities. 

Diversity & Inclusion: Honeywell believes that diversity and inclusion is the first step towards achieving the vision of empowering communities and drives its CSR programs having this programmatic priority at the core of all its interventions. Key concern under this programmatic priority is to make the programs more inclusive by making women, girls and other most disadvantages socio-cultural groups to be the larger beneficiaries of all the programs.


Declaration and disclaimer: Honeywell Hometown Solutions India Foundation (HHSIF) shall only accept proposals pertaining to the thematic areas listed below through stringent onboarding process. Proposals that do not fall within the listed thematic areas will not be considered.

Thematic Areas:

  1. Education, Skill and Research
  2. Holistic and Sustainable Community Development
  3. Humanitarian Relief

Programmatic Priorities:

  1. Diversity and Inclusion
  2. Natural Resources and Environment

How to Apply 

We’re using the online Goodera platform to process applications. 

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