The new energy world is upon us, and rapidly accelerating. Our utility solutions and technologies help reduce CO2 emissions, increase the energy grid’s lifetime and foster energy equity. We’re helping create resilient and sustainable operations for today, tomorrow, and beyond.

    Innovations and Achievements

    Since the invention of autopilot in 1914, we’ve been a leader in innovation for the Air Travel industry. Today, thousands of Honeywell products are used in aircraft and airports around the world.​

    More than 75 cities globally
    rely on Honeywell’s Smart City Suite operations centers

    1,000+ utility customers
    partner with Honeywell

    150M+ homes
    around the world use Honeywell meters

    What we do

    Carbon Capture

    A full portfolio of carbon capture technologies to help you on your journey to carbon-neutrality.

    Energy Storage

    Anticipate utility market needs and manage energy generation.

    H2 Solutions

    Proven technologies to help meet emissions goals and gain entry to the hydrogen economy.

    Integrated SCADA Solutions

    Optimize solar plant operations and maintenance.

    Microgrid Controls

    Maintain operational resiliency with microgrid controls.

    Smart Cities

    Build more resilient and sustainable cities with a turnkey solution.

    Smart Gas, Electric & Water Meters

    Leading suite of connected solutions for electricity, water and gas utilities.

    Virtual Power Plant

    Dispatch a network of distributed energy resources through a centralized control process.

    Solutions for the Future of Utilities

    Radio Metering Solution Revolutionizes Leak Monitoring

    Discover how Honeywell Smart Metering Solutions helped an airport avoid costly bills and potentially damaging infrastructure impacts.

    Lundin Norway making the North Sea more sustainable

    Using Honeywell digital twins and asset performance models, Lundin Norway creates a precise method to perform energy accounting on its North Sea platform.

    Saturn Power to reduce energy consumption and costs

    The Canadian renewable and clean energy provider Saturn Power addresses energy consumption and reduces costs with Honeywell Battery Energy Storage System.


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