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    We create safer, healthier, more comfortable, and sustainable air travel with one of the industry’s broadest and most innovative offering portfolios spanning airport takeoff to landing.


    Commercial building owners and operators use our hardware, software and analytics to help create safer, more efficient and productive facilities. Our solutions and services improve the occupant experience and are used in more than 10 million buildings worldwide.


    Our deep industrial experience and processing expertise to design, digitalizing, and deploy solutions help shape the path and pace of the energy transition.


    We develop innovative solutions that can help healthcare organizations simplify day-to-day tasks, optimize processes and keep buildings and clinicians safe. Our sensing technologies enhance the accuracy, longevity and stability of today’s medical equipment and our packaging and propellant technologies improve medication delivery. Together, we can help you deliver better patient outcomes, increase efficiency and productivity and minimize infection risks for clinicians and patients.


    Save valuable time in the face of threats by being proactive about cybersecurity. Combine robust reporting and advanced data insights to find vulnerabilities and simplify managing your cyber posture for even the most complex OT environments. To reduce risk, our industrial grade software technologies provide upfront safeguards and the agility to rapidly identify and respond to threats—while helping you accelerate along the path of digital transformation.


    Our cutting-edge technologies, specialty chemicals and advanced materials are bringing innovation to life sciences by helping customers create the future of medicine.


    Our technologies and services enable and streamline Distribution Center operations ranging from receiving and storage to picking, packing and shipping. The broad range of worker productivity tools help solve challenges from the warehouse through last-mile delivery.


    With our automation solutions focused on increased transparency and greater process controls, our customers in aerospace, oil and gas, healthcare and other industries feel more empowered to get to market faster, improve cost savings and enjoy more reliable quality control. Discover the actionable digital insights that are helping manufacturers uncover and adjust to hidden costs and inefficiencies in their processes.


    With decades of experience and deep domain expertise, Honeywell supports retail customers in making their operations more efficient, productive and agile. We provide a comprehensive suite of productivity tools, software and hardware solutions for retail.​


    The new energy world is upon us, and rapidly accelerating. Our utility solutions and technologies help reduce CO2 emissions, increase the energy grid’s lifetime and foster energy equity. We’re helping create resilient and sustainable operations for today, tomorrow, and beyond.​


    The Latest in Sustainability

    Shaping the Future of Travel
    Honeywell technology is transforming how we travel. From more sustainable fuel to more efficient airport technology, our solutions enable safer, healthier and more efficient trips.
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    Helping you Zero In on Net Zero
    Honeywell offers solutions to help industrial organizations to measure, monitor, report and reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions and meet their sustainability goals.
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    Sustainable Solutions for Buildings
    Honeywell’s technologies can help reduce the environmental impact of buildings, helping them meet their carbon reduction goals while maintaining a great occupant experience.
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