With decades of experience and deep domain expertise, Honeywell supports retail customers in making their operations more efficient, productive and agile. We provide a comprehensive suite of productivity tools, software and hardware solutions for retail.​

    Innovations and Achievements

    Honeywell understands the challenges you face in business transformation, enhancing the customer experience, improving associate productivity and harnessing innovation. Our retail solutions help you achieve your goals.

    60 of the top 100 global retailers ​
    Rely on Honeywell’s automated material handling solutions​

    84 out of 100 global food retailers​
    Use Honeywell voice technologies to enhance accuracy and productivity

    1 in 4 retailers ​ ​
    Use Honeywell barcode scanners for workflow productivity

    What we do

    Barcode Scanning Technology and Decoding Software

    Our technology is used in quick-service food ordering kiosks, click-and-collect package pick-up and self-checkout scanners at grocery stores.

    Delivery Software

    Solutions to increase first time delivery, optimize route planning, maximize driver productivity and more.

    Energy-Efficient Refrigerants

    From food storage to in-store AC and insulation, our refrigerants help retailers reduce costs and environmental impacts.

    Energy Management and Air Quality in Buildings

    Healthy building solutions to optimize air quality and energy usage in all types of in-store environments.

    Multi-Point Surveillance

    Security expertise to safeguard your stores with surveillance technologies, equipment, software, training and more.

    Operational Intelligence Software

    Help retailers manage their devices, recover lost devices, and gain access to actionable insights that are essential to associate productivity.

    Productivity Solutions

    Mobile computers, printers and data capture devices to help retailers achieve significant improvements in communication, operational efficiency, speed and accuracy.

    RFID Solutions

    Handheld RFID readers stop costly inventory errors, enhance cycle counting and improve customer service.

    Voice Guided Work Software

    Guided Work directs retail associates— working both hands-free and eyes up—through specific workflows from order fulfillment to stock counting to minimize steps and maximize efficiencies.

    Featured Products and Services

    Battery Storage 
    Utilize stored energy during costly peak demand hours to optimize energy consumption and potentially lower costs.
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    CT30 XP Handheld Computer
    All-purpose business tool ensuring ultra-reliable data access and communications for retail workers.
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    Operational Intelligence for Retail
    Empowers retail management to optimize salesfloor and backroom processes and manage associate devices with data and actionable insights that lead to greater productivity.
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    Solutions for The Future of Retail

    Healthy Retail Podcast with Lindsay Bell

    Listen to this podcast with Lindsay Bell (Ally) about retail and supply chain challenges, increased consumer demand and the focus on technologies for retailers.

    Serving the Largest Pharmacy-Led Retailer in Saudi Arabia

    We helped Al Nahdi optimize workflows and increase employee safety by enabling workers to perform tasks through voice direction, keeping their hands free and eyes up.

    Technologies that Help Retailers Keep Up with Rapid Demand

    This partnership increased worker productivity in order picking for Horizon Hobby and decreased device downtime.