Life Sciences

    Our cutting-edge technologies, specialty chemicals and advanced materials are bringing innovation to life sciences by helping customers create the future of medicine.

    Innovations and Achievements

    Life sciences companies need to reduce time to market, improve manufacturing quality and efficiency. They turn to Honeywell for advanced process control and data capture and recording solutions that optimize operations and safeguard compliance.

    Over 50 years
    in pharma barrier packaging business providing critical moisture barrier to medications

    Honeywell operates in
    120+ countries around the world with over 200 life sciences customers

    34% of top​
    pharma companies are using Sparta Quality Management Systems

    What we do

    Batch Automation

    Our control technology solution aims to increase productivity for batch operations for industries like pharmaceuticals.

    Manufacturing Execution Systems

    Our platform provides a flexible, modular manufacturing execution solution tofor digital transformation, optimized workflows and real-time visualization.

    Medical Fibers

    Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fibers are the strongest and lightest available fibers, specifically designed for various medical device applications.

    Medical Sensors

    We assist medical equipment manufacturers by providing smart technologies and leading-edge products for their devices.

    Mobility and Medical Devices

    Solutions from mobility, scanning and printing equipment used in labs for accurate labeling and tracking, to critical components for reliable medical equipment.

    Pharma Barrier Packaging

    We work with pharmaceutical companies to protect drug stability by providing the highest moisture barrier among all polymer materials.

    Quality Management

    Sparta Systems provides quality data integrated with predictive analytics to improve product and patient outcomes.

    Safety Masks and Gloves

    We create quality personal protective equipment for healthcare professionals, caregivers and first responders.

    Solvents and Lab Chemicals

    Our portfolio of trusted brands provides high-quality chemicals through innovative and cutting-edge manufacturing processes.

    Solutions for the Future of Life Sciences

    Arbor Pharmaceuticals

    Streamlines Change Control and Document Management with TrackWise Digital®.

    Fermion Finland

    Digital Transformation Project Optimizes Production, Quality, and Compliance.


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