We develop innovative solutions that can help healthcare organizations simplify day-to-day tasks, optimize processes and keep buildings and clinicians safe. Our sensing technologies enhance the accuracy, longevity and stability of today’s medical equipment and our packaging and propellant technologies improve medication delivery. Together, we can help you deliver better patient outcomes, increase efficiency and productivity and minimize infection risks for clinicians and patients.

    Innovations and Achievements

    Honeywell has applied our 75+ years of innovation to address critical challenges in the medical field. From medical equipment manufacturers to labs and pharmaceutical companies to hospitals and clinics, Honeywell supports the healthcare industry across a variety of functions.

    70% of top 25 global medical equipment manufacturers
    Rely on Honeywell technology

    Customers that have adopted Honeywell mobility solutions
    Reduced manual errors by 25-50% and increased productivity by 10-35% 

    300+ Hospitals​
    Use our building technologies and integrated platforms​ to provide a more seamless patient experience​

    What we do

    Automated Material Handling Solutions for Medical Supply Distribution

    Automation allows you to ship products more rapidly, accurately and economically to hospitals and retail chains.

    Barrier Packaging

    Our barrier films and bottles for packaging medications support companies from design through production and launch.

    Building Solutions & the Connected Hospital

    Transform your operations to more secure, energy efficient and connected.

    Healthcare Scanners & Printers

    Our solutions help error-proof tasks from patient identification during admissions to delivering medication to collecting lab specimens.

    Medical Grade Fibers

    Biocompatible, ultra-lightweight fiber for sutures, surgical robots catheters and ACL/PCL reconstruction.

    Mobility Devices

    Healthcare mobile computers help maximize clinician productivity and data capture and streamline communication among members of the care team.

    Propellant for Metered Dose Inhalers

    Breakthrough technology for inhalers with near-zero global warming potential.

    Respiratory, Hand and Face Protection

    High-performance healthcare PPE solutions that are designed for exceptional fit help keep front-line medical providers safe.

    Sensors for Hospital and Remote Care Equipment

    Small in size and low in power consumption, our sensors deliver accuracy, intelligence, reliability and robustness for medical equipment used in the hospital and at home.

    Solutions for the Future of Healthcare

    Bluewater Health

    The Canadian healthcare facilities leveraged Honeywell Forge Energy Optimization to monitor a multitude of data streams which helped saving money and be more efficient. 

    Victoria Comprehensive Cancer Center

    Honeywell helped deliver facilities management services and aided the organization in its quest to drive the next generation of improvements in cancer prevention, detection and treatment.


    Honeywell Intelligrated helped design and outfit the company’s new Florida distribution center for maximum throughput and flexibility to allow it to ship prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs and health products safely and effectively to the rapidly growing population of residents.


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