Honeywell technology solutions India appraised at maturity level 5 of CMMI® DEV V2.0 model

Honeywell technology solutions India appraised at maturity level 5 of CMMI® DEV V2.0 model

Achieves highest maturity rating with 100% of agile projects appraised at CMMI Maturity Level 5

Enables Honeywell to continuously improve the delivery of intuitive, reliable products that meet current and emerging customer needs 

BENGALURU, February 23, 2022 – Honeywell Technology Solutions (HTS) India, the engineering and technology development arm of Honeywell, was recently appraised at Level 5, the highest maturity level of the CMMI Institute’s Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) ® DEV V2.0. The benchmark appraisal, conducted by CMMI transition partner KPMG in December 2021, places HTS India in an exclusive group of organizations that are executing agile projects at CMMI V2.0 Maturity Level 5.

Samuel Pratap, president, HTS, said, “Honeywell is committed to building excellence in its software capability. Using CMMI DEV V2.0 Maturity Level 5 best practices in software and system engineering are critical to creating products that are intuitive, reliable and meet current and emerging customer needs.  Our world-class software teams are developing better products, faster, and at a lower cost through improving standards, processes and procedures.”

CMMI is a performance enhancement model consisting of collected best practices that guide organizations to improve key capabilities and elevate performance. HTS’ appraisal at CMMI DEV V2.0 Level 5 represents a commitment to high quality software development processes and delivery standards, and translates into far superior and highly reliable solutions for Honeywell’s customers.

“We view being certified as CMMI DEV V2.0 Maturity Level 5 as an important differentiator, providing us with a competitive advantage that will help us achieve our long-term business objectives,” added Pratap.

The CMMI DEV V2.0 Maturity Level 5 appraisal enhances HTS’ capability to develop and deliver new products for Honeywell and to lead the company’s East-for-East localization strategy. The appraisal reinforces HTS’s culture of continuous improvement, customer commitment and process maturity and enables Honeywell to bid for projects and contracts that demand CMMI certification. In addition, CMMI V2.0 also allows HTS to:

  • Manage business resilience: Anticipate and adapt to disruptions and opportunities impacting business;
  • Build and sustain capability: Build and sustain business process and technology efficiency for performance;
  • Improve performance: Establish and measure business goals in alignment to organizational needs; and
  • Ensure quality: Define and maintain superior deliverable standards.

Honeywell employs more than 5,000 engineers in India, who work closely with Honeywell’s global businesses to develop cutting-edge products and solutions. The appraisal process covered HTS campuses in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Madurai.

About Honeywell Technology Solutions

Honeywell Technology Solutions drives relentless innovation with strong roots across the country. Its strong talent pool delivers futuristic technologies with leadership commitment and purpose-led-approach across a range of industry sectors such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, Blockchain, Machine Learning (ML) and big data among others. Apart from creating a developed environment for the innovators in the country, Honeywell has also been preparing the future leaders for the workforce.

About Honeywell

Honeywell (www.honeywell.com) is a Fortune 100 technology company that delivers industry-specific solutions that include aerospace products and services; control technologies for buildings and industry; and performance materials globally. Our technologies help aircraft, buildings, manufacturing plants, supply chains, and workers become more connected to make our world smarter, safer, and more sustainable. For more news and information on Honeywell, please visit www.honeywell.com/newsroom.

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