Honeywell Sets Up A Dedicated Sustainability Center Of Excellence In Madurai

Honeywell Sets Up A Dedicated Sustainability Center Of Excellence In Madurai

MADURAI, APRIL 12, 2023 -- Honeywell (Nasdaq: HON) has announced the inauguration of its Sustainability Centre of Excellence in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. This facility will serve as a hub for support in engineering, innovation, and collaboration on sustainability initiatives, both within the company and with partners.

The sustainability center of excellence (CoE) will accelerate Honeywell’s commitment to innovate products and services that help stakeholders reduce their emissions as well as achieve its own ESG commitment to be carbon-neutral by 2035.

The center will focus on developing more sustainable methods of production, like product stewardship, an approach focusing on the management of all aspects of a product, its components and its compliance regulations, and life cycle analysis, a method used to evaluate the environmental impact of a product through its life cycle. In addition to its engineering efforts, the Honeywell sustainability centre of excellence will also serve as a hub for thought leadership, training and education on sustainability, hosting workshops focused on driving sustainability in business and society.

"Our Sustainability Centre of Excellence in Madurai signifies our commitment to prioritize support in research and innovation in sustainability to meet our customer’s evolving needs in meeting ESG commitments. As a hub of engineering, innovation and collaboration, the Centre will fuel new paradigms in sustainability ranging from development of  capabilities to reduce carbon emissions and drive positive environmental impact through monitoring and reporting,” said Gavin Towler, vice president and chief technology officer of Honeywell performance materials & technologies (PMT) and Honeywell UOP.

"A large portion of Honeywell's innovative energy is directed toward making business operations sustainable for both ourselves and our stakeholders. Honeywell continues to consistently review, quantify, and reinvent its operations to reduce carbon emissions up and down its own supply chain, while also finding solutions for its stakeholders to help optimize their operations all over the world. We continue to support in innovating products and services that help our stakeholders reduce their emission,” said Kunal Ruvala, president, Honeywell Technology Solutions, Global. “Over 60% of our 2021 sales and 60% of Honeywell’s R&D spends was directed toward ESG-oriented outcomes, and we are committed to increasing this mix1. Honeywell's ready-now technologies and solutions for sustainable development uniquely position us to assist in reducing their environmental impact in the upcoming years.”

Honeywell focusses on creating ready now products that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save energy, measure, and reduce carbon impact, and support the adoption of renewable energy sources.

Honeywell’s technological solutions encompass a multitude of innovations geared towards driving sustainable and environmentally friendly business practices. This includes development of technologies like battery energy storage system, ethanol-to-jet sustainable aviation fuel, carbon capture, emissions control monitoring, healthy building solutions that lower emissions, environmental impact and improve building efficiency, Solstice® refrigerants and many more.

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