In India, we are committed to improving the world we live in by creating, supporting, and nurturing corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs and initiatives that make a sustainable and measurable impact on communities that we serve.

The Honeywell Hometown Solutions India Foundation (HHSIF) is a not-for-profit organization that deploys efforts in five critical areas:

  • Science and math education
  • Family safety and security
  • Housing and shelter
  • Sustainability
  • Humanitarian relief 

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Over the years, we have brought many of our iconic, and highly-recognized global programs to India.
Working within the government’s guidelines and our framework, we have launched several initiatives in partnership with leading non-profit institutions of global repute. By applying the same rigor and business tools we use in the workplace, we build programs that deliver results we can quantify: one community, one home, one teacher, and one student at a time.

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Creating a safe environment for students

This program empowers children to become change agents for building resilience in their communities. Implemented by SEEDS India, it involves structural assessments of 50 Delhi government schools by engineers and architects; evaluation of risk perception among children, teachers and parents; and examination of preparedness in the face of any natural or manmade disaster.
Between 2017 and 2020, the program will reach 25,000 children, 40,000 parents, and 1,000 teachers. Watch the video here


Students today, scientists tomorrow

Through hands-on teaching and learning methods, this program develops creative-thinking and problem-solving abilities in children fosters experiential learning and boosts science education for middle and high school students in government schools. 

By 2019, we will support 25 science centers, 35 mobile science labs and 3,000 young instructor leaders (YIL), benefiting more than 135,000 students and 783 teachers in Bengaluru, Delhi-NCR, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Madurai, and Mysore.

Watch how we are inspiring the next generation of engineers and scientists here: 


Spreading fire safety awareness

This research-based home safety program helps prevent and reduce burns and scalds among children under 14 years old in Pune, Maharashtra. It is expected that this program will impact 425,000 students and 350,000 parents between 2015 to 2018. 

Founded in 1988, Safe Kids Worldwide operates in 25 countries and uses experiential and fun educational tools to spread fire safety awareness. In addition to school children, they bring citizens and civic agencies together to drive a safety culture.


Clean water for a better future

In collaboration with Safe Water Network, we are building 130 safe water stations in Telangana. Cumulatively, they will provide safe water access to more than 420,000 people in areas that suffer acute shortage and groundwater contamination from fluorides.

These systems are owned, operated, and maintained by local communities; use world-class multi-stage reverse osmosis treatment system to remove contaminants and dissolved solids; deploy cutting-edge remote monitoring systems.

Watch this video to learn more about this initiative.