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We’re changing the oil and gas industry, making it safer, more productive and sustainable.

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The energy industry is facing new challenges that continue to drive the need to transform. Today, we are developing innovations that can help increase operational excellence and workplace safety while minimizing the impact on the environment for a lower-carbon future.

The Future Is What We Make It

Hydrogen Solutions

Ready-now technologies to reduce your carbon footprint.

Plastic Circularity

Advanced plastic waste recycling can help society achieve unprecedented results in recycling rates and minimize the overall impact on the environment.*

Renewable Fuels

Meet the future’s energy challenges with green fuels created from sustainable sources.

Autonomous Operations

Leverage the latest technologies to achieve better situational awareness, improved quality and more reliable operations, while leapfrogging toward your net-zero emissions goals.

Workforce Excellence

Technology-enabled, role-based service program to boost productivity and competency of the industrial workforce.

Industrial Cybersecurity

Improve cybersecurity performance - at a single site or across multiple sites - by increasing visibility into vulnerabilities and cyber threats, enabling proactive action to mitigate risks.

Industrial Enterprise Data Management

Harness the power of data, analytics and cloud in operations and enable operational intelligence from the plant to the boardroom; analyze and act in real-time capabilities to quickly scale across the enterprise to maximize business impact.

End-to-End Process Optimization

Leverage the power of AI and Machine Learning to adjust plant operation, increase throughput, maximize yield and reduce operating costs.

Maintenance & Inspection

Honeywell Voice streamlines repair and inspection processes while documenting every step to ensure strict compliance with regulations or standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Honeywell & Motorola Connected Safety Solution

Achieve real-time awareness on instrument status and alarms to ensure safety of workers and reduce costs.

Energy Optimization

Harness AI to automatically analyze and adjust HVAC set-points to reduce energy consumption and Co2 emissions in every building.

Industrial Fire Solutions

Discover a wide range of SIL-certified, industrial fire solutions that help keep your operations running high and your risks running low.

*According to a study published by AMI in August 2020, waste plastics processed through advanced recycling technologies, such as Honeywell’s, may amount to between 5 and 15 million tons in 2030. The actual utilization rate will depend on a number of factors, such as favorable legislation, status of sorting infrastructure, outcome of LCAs etc.

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