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Digital transformation is changing the energy industry, delivering increased operational efficiency and workplace safety, and helping to minimize the environmental impact of the industry.

As a longstanding partner to ADNOC and the United Arab Emirates, we are committed to supporting your digital transformation journey and to helping you bring energy to life by unlocking the value of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Let’s make the future of Oil & Gas 4.0 together.

The Future Is What We Make It

Make AI Mainstream

Accelerate digital transformation and create curated data for managing operations at scale with rapid insights with AI.

A Digital Twin Approach

Optimize operations, predict plant failures and eliminate unplanned downtime by turning data into actionable insights.

Reliable Remote Solutions

Overcome unpredictable situations and efficiently handle your business remotely with advanced and cybersecure solutions for a highly controlled yet flexible full remote access.

Refinery of the Future

Capture growth and ensure long-term profitability by defining a step-wise investment strategy for refineries.

Digital Transformation for Upstream and Beyond 

Maximize asset potential, reduce execution risk and lower the total cost of ownership with Honeywell and Halliburton joint solutions.

Elevate Industrial Cybersecurity

Reduce cyber risks with advanced monitoring and early detection solutions to take industrial cybersecurity defenses to the next level.

Worker Productivity

Enable faster and more informed decision making with digital Intelligent Wearable solutions and relevant maintenance applications that enhance competency and productivity.

Worker Safety

Protect the lives of your workers with solutions that help transform your safety protocol from reactive to proactive, to always on.

Buildings of the Future

Improve visibility, efficiency and the health of building environments and better balance energy consumption with advanced analytics-based monitoring, machine learning and AI.

Our Commitment to In-Country Value

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Let’s Build The Future Together

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